If you went to a high school that you overall loved and where it’s not uncommon for former students to return while in college, then you might find yourself visiting your Alma Mater. I know, calling your high school your Alma Mater just sounds weird, maybe even wrong. When you do decide to visit, chances are a range of emotions will overcome you throughout the time there. Here are eight emojis that describe what you might feel when visiting your high school Alma Mater for the first time.


Layne Canfori

You’ll most likely feel nervous and excited at the same time. Maybe your teachers expected a lot from you over the years and you’re worried about disappointing them when they ask how college has been going and all you can think about are the memes and GIFs you’ve been sharing about falling down hills, student debt, and drinking. Try to relax! Remember, they were college students once too.

Layne Canfori

Now that you’ve started to relax, your nerves will ease up and you’ll start having a good time! Maybe you’ll see one of the underclassmen you befriended before graduation and they’ll tell you all the updates about what’s been going on at the school or the cool teacher is listening to one of your college stories. 

Layne Canfori

All nervous feelings are gone and you’re loving that you decided to visit! It gives you that feeling of comfort you may have missed while at college.

Layne Canfori

Being one of the graduates that came back is getting you a lot of attention from familiar people like your former teachers and students who still go there. Everyone wants to know how you’ve been and spend time with you...and it’s totally getting to your head and giving you the confidence you may have been lacking in your first semester!


Layne Canfori

During one of your conversations you hear an inside joke or someone brings up some “drama” and you may feel out of the loop. Remember, a lot has happened in the months that you’ve been gone and you won’t know or be a part of most of it.

Layne Canfori

On the inside (and maybe outside) you’re crying because you miss this school and everyone you knew. You realize that you may have taken your time there for granted and think despite what you said while under the influence of Senoritis, you definitely weren’t ready for college!

Layne Canfori

You realize your sadness over missing your high school is really just all of your love for it mixing with other emotions. You may miss the familiarity of it but you remember that you couldn’t stay there forever. You’ll always have a special place for your Alma Mater and what it and everyone who’s a part of it did for you to help you be able to move on to the next phase of your life. 


Layne Canfori

Overall, the visit was an amazing one! You reconnected with teachers and younger friends you may have lost touch with while in college. Seeing them again was that boost of love, familiarity and much needs laughter you needed to feel ready to take on the next part of post-high school life! Everyone definitely wants you to come by again and you know you will!

Although the experience everyone will have when visiting their Alma Mater for the first time will be different from others it will still be memorable! No matter what emotions you feel when visiting there will be other people who have felt the same way at one point or another, so don’t stress out over it. Just have fun while you’re there and take in the moment!

Lead Image Credit: Layne Canfori