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Dec 03 2016
by Layne Canfori

5 Fun 'Friend Date' Ideas for When You're Home for Break

By Layne Canfori - Dec 03 2016

With Thanksgiving being a tease, it’s hard to wait for the real break that happens in between semesters. Time will go by quickly making it hard to spend time with all of your friends without getting tired of the same old activities and running out of money. To help you decide what to do when you’re home, here are five “friend dates” that won’t make you go broke!

1. Go to Your Top Food Spot

I know this may seem like a cliché idea but it’s not when you put some thought into it! I’m from New Jersey where we’re known for pizzerias, bagel shops and 24-hour diners. When my out of state college friends came back home the first thing they wanted was the staple foods of our home town. So if you live in an area that is known for a certain type of food or there’s place you and your friends frequented while in high school, even if it’s the local McDonald's, you should visit there together. It’s surreal how, at home, you can feel happiest from the simplest food when you haven’t had it in so long!

2. Visit The Playground 

Being in college gives a lot of people their first taste of adulthood, and nothing else makes you miss your childhood more. After taking your final exams you’ll need a day (or many) to just let loose, and what’s better than your local childhood park? Due to the colder weather, less people will be at the park. This will allow for you and your friends to run around the playground without judgmental stares and it’ll be quiet enough for everyone to talk freely with each other regardless of the topic. You can even bring bagged lunches and share them to top off the day just like when you were in elementary school! Is there a better way to let off steam?

3. Netflix Binge Together 

Once again, this one will involve a twist to make it more interesting. One example is writing everyone’s name on a separate piece of paper and everyone draws one from the pile. When you choose the name of a friend, think of the year you guys met and pick a movie from that year. Everyone gets a turn, so depending on how many people are in the group, it depends how long your binge is. This way you may all see new movies together or learn about a genre that you didn’t know your friend was in to! Some other ideas include watching old shows or movies from when you were much younger so you can go down memory lane, catch up on a show you may have watched together before you went to different schools or start a new show together that you can finish before the break is over. No matter which way you choose to do this you all get to relax with each other's company, something you might not have had in a very long time!

4. Have A Scavenger Hunt

This activity will require some planning from someone who is still in your hometown. That makes this activity a great opportunity to incorporate younger siblings and underclassmen that you befriended prior to graduation allowing you to spend time with them as well! During the hunt you can visit hot spot locations, places that may have been “yours" and locations that may have changed since you left or you didn’t really notice before. Throughout the day you’ll visit places with sentiment and amazing memories linked with them and learn about spots of your town that you would have never known or cared about before you left. If you want to help cure your homesickness, this may be an idea to try out!

5. Take Mini Trips

Being away from home makes you appreciate where you came from even more. Every state has at least one landmark or a location that may be worthy of a spot on the trending list. Find places in your state that you and your friends have never been to and plan small trips to them! Depending how far apart they are, you can either do one a day or fit a few into the daily schedule. All you’ll need are snacks, gas money and someone you can trust to control the AUX! Now you can learn more about your home state, bond with your friends and maybe find some new spots that may become yours!

I’ve done all five of my “friend date” ideas before and had a blast every time! When you switch things up and try something new, it doesn’t matter if it was a hit or not, because memories were made and days like that will hold you guys together even when you’re miles apart. So no matter what you choose to do, it’s all about being with your friends and having that quality time that you all need!

Lead Image Credit: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

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Layne Canfori - Essex County College

Layne is a Journalism student who commutes to school. Besides writing she loves to have fun with her friends but it also an eighty year old woman at heart. If you want to see some non writing content of hers follow her on Instagram @its_me_laynec

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