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Mar 25 2017
by Layne Canfori

10 Freshmen Explain Why They Chose Their School

By Layne Canfori - Mar 25 2017

This time of year can be a stressful one for high school seniors and a time of reflection for college freshmen. Usually by the end of March, seniors will have heard back from all of the schools they applied to and will have to make a decision on where they want to attend. Every student must make a choice by May 1st, National Decision Day. For some, this decision is a no-brainer. They know exactly where they want to go and all other factors have been figured out. For others, this decision isn’t that simple. They may have too many choices and are scared about making the wrong decision. Or where they want to go isn’t necessarily where they can go, whether the reason be financial, acceptance or something else. The process can be very overwhelming when there are so many factors that play into making a decision. Every college freshmen had to make this decision just one year ago, and the choice they made has resulted in how the past year has gone for them.

1. Denise R., Rutgers-Newark

"I chose Rutgers Business School-Newark because it is one of the best business schools in the state of New Jersey; its vicinity to New York City (Wall Street, major firms and all kinds of businesses that allow for exposure) and the value for your money is fair in comparison to a $60k private school or an out-of-state school where staying in a dorm would cost a fortune. The other schools I applied to didn't offer options as tempting as RU-N. So in terms of practicality, yes it was an easy decision. Yes, I stand by my decision." 

2. Samah F., Rutgers-Newark

"I liked that the school has a diverse population and that I knew I would receive a good education. Due to those reasons the decision was easy for me to make. So yes, I stand by my decision."

3. Brielle S., Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus

"I chose to go to Fordham University because I liked the program and they gave me the most aid. I had two other schools in mind that I also really liked, so it was not an easy decision to make. I stand by my decision to go to Fordham. It is my second home and in one of the greatest cities in the world."

4. Alexandra D., New York University

"Not only was it the best school I got into, but I liked the location and I could afford it. Therefore the decision was easy to make and I stand by it."

5. Sam Z., Rutgers-Newark

"I chose Rutgers School of Business because Rutgers Business School is at a real turning point. After the merger with the New Brunswick campus, there has never been more opportunity than ever in collaboration among faculty, students and firms. Going to Rutgers was an easy choice and I am proud to be a Rutgers student. I do stand by the decision I have made. I specifically chose the Newark campus because it held my values of accepting hardworking students who were also able to hold outside employment opportunities while continuing their education."

6. Lauren S., Syracuse University

"I chose my school because it has a very high ranked public communications school and the sports atmosphere is amazing. The decision was made easy for me. I decided the moment I opened the acceptance letter because the excitement I felt was overwhelming and that's how I knew. I do stand by the decision I made a year ago." 

7. Ariana L., Kean University

"I chose to go to the school I’m currently in because it was more affordable than my other choices. The choice wasn’t easy at first but it wasn’t hard in the end. It wasn’t easy because I initially really wanted to attend another school, but after looking at the tuition cost plus room and board, turning it down was a piece of cake. Yes, I do stand by my decision. Because I made this choice I now have a chance to transfer to a college in Germany and save even more money."

8. Giancarlo P., Scranton University

"I chose Scranton because it had a good psychology program, a Circle K Club and they offered me more money than my first choice school. The decision was easy because it seemed practical, economical and fulfilling. Although I am no longer a psychology major or in Circle K, I stand by my decision from a year ago. I didn’t look at the big picture when I chose my school and a lot has changed in the past year, but it still ended up being the one for me and I don’t regret choosing to attend Scranton."

9. Layne C., Essex County College

"I chose the school I am currently attending strictly for financial reasons. My initial plan was to go to school out-of-state for all four years but financially I couldn’t afford it. So now my plan is to get my associate’s degree at ECC and then transfer to a university to finish my bachelor’s degree. The decision was not an easy one for me, as my dream was to attend a four-year out-of-state school, and I was in the process of finding a roommate when my parents told me I could no longer go. Although the decision was not an easy one, I do stand by it because I can pay my way through school for the first few years while working, then transfer to a four-year school debt free."

10. Esder C., Rutgers-Newark

"I chose RU-Newark because it’s one of the most immigrant-friendly campuses in this country. There are significant and meaningful programs that enhance the academic and career opportunities for immigrant students such as the Scholarship Program. There is also a student organization on campus called “RU Dreamers” that specifically advocates for undocumented students’ higher education. I believe that this club and a number of current and soon-to-be resources on the campus will increase the opportunities and success for RU-Newark. My decision to attend my school was originally difficult, especially with the commute. However, all the worries I had are currently insignificant after weighing the benefits of being a student on this campus. I stand by my decision and would not trade it for another experience at a different college campus."

Based on the experiences of these ten students, it shows that when choosing a school it’s
difficult for almost everyone. If you don’t have the immediate feeling of knowing which school is
for you, then it seems best to look at more than just your major. Make sure that you can handle
the school financially, that the environment is right for you and remember that what you want
now may change later. Choosing your school can be daunting, but remember that most details
are going to be figured out and if they aren’t, there’s nothing wrong with changing your school
later on!

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Layne Canfori - Essex County College

Layne is a Journalism student who commutes to school. Besides writing she loves to have fun with her friends but it also an eighty year old woman at heart. If you want to see some non writing content of hers follow her on Instagram @its_me_laynec

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