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Feb 16 2017
by Lauren Reamy

If Hogwarts Students Were in College

By Lauren Reamy - Feb 16 2017

Ever since the Harry Potter series was first read to me as a child, I'd waited and waited for my own letter from Hogwarts. I had dreamed of feasts in the Great Hall with my housemates, classes on Transfiguration and Potions and of course enough adventure to last a lifetime. But as I grew up, I began to accept the fact that I wasn't going to get a letter. I was going to finish out high school as the muggle I'd always been. But that didn't mean I had to leave the series behind. Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood and is still in my heart here at college. So, since I never got to attend Hogwarts, I decided it would be fun to imagine what it would be like if college was filled with witches and wizards. 

1. Gryffindor

A Gryffindor college student is one that's up for anything. Want to go out to eat late at night? They'll come with. All night cram session? They're the first people there. Gryffindor college students take leadership roles whenever they can. Whether it's in SGA or one of the many clubs they're a member of, Gryffindors are always attempting to be in on the action. They are the people who love having plans and who will spontaneously text you late at night to go out. In class, they are active participants. Sometimes they'll say relatable things that make the class laugh, but overall, Gryffindor college students are adventurous, charismatic and always leave you with crazy memories to look back on.

2. Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff college students are the mom of your friend group. They are always there to comfort everyone else and to lend an ear. They are the people you go to after having a bad day. In fact, they'll probably make you tea and let you rant in their dorm. But Hufflepuffs are not solely mediators. They're also likely to take the long way to class, just so they can enjoy the walk, and they probably have a little succulent garden on their dorm windowsill. Hufflepuff college students are some of the sweetest, kindest people, and they have probably gotten you random little gifts at some point or another. They love sitting down for dinner with friends at the end of the day, and they are the sunshine when you're having a tough day. 

3. Ravenclaw

The Ravenclaw college student is the extreme planner. More than any other house, they probably keep up with their planner quite frequently, because they love thinking about the future and what's to come. Ravenclaws are also quite resourceful. If you need help with a class, they'll be there for you, and if they don't know much about the subject, they can help point you in the right direction. Ravenclaws are not here for drama and will avoid it at all costs. If two friends are in a fight, they won't take sides, but continue to hang out with each. They are individualistic and will tell you to stop worrying about what other people think of your outfit. They are not risk takers and so will watch you do stupid things, but most likely not participate, themselves. Ravenclaws are the ones you stay up late talking about life with. They are the smart, introspective and quirky human beings that you know in college.

4. Slytherin

Slytherin college students are ambitious. They are set in their major and will do anything to advance in their field. They are also very determined. They're the people who always pick themselves back up no matter what. A lot revolves around their dignity, and they try to not let the small things splinter it. Slytherin college students have a close-knit group of friends to whom they are extremely loyal. If someone threatened a member of their group, they would stand behind them in a minute. Loyalty means everything. They are also very clever and witty. They come up with a lot of unforeseen options and alternative choices, if you are backed against a wall. They will not let anything pass them by. Slytherin college students are very driven and though they are cynical, they are some of the most successful and sought-after people.

Indeed, if Hogwarts and college were one, life would be awesome. But if you look around, you might find representatives of these different houses already on your campus. So maybe each college really does have its own magic and Hogwarts isn't too far from us after all.

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Lauren Reamy - George Mason University

Lauren Reamy is a sophomore at George Mason University, majoring in Vocal Performance. Besides singing, she loves musical theatre, hanging out with her pets, and reading way too many books.

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