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Feb 06 2017
by Lauren Reamy

8 Thoughts You Have On Your Way Back From Class

By Lauren Reamy - Feb 06 2017

Walking home from class at the end of the day can be a huge relief. You're done with your share of focus and concentration and you can finally go home to your dorm, your friends and of course your Netflix account. But before you get to enjoy all of that, you have to actually get home. Here are some thoughts we all have on the way there.

1. "Another day of learning is in the books."

When you first start your walk, it's refreshing. 

2. "I hope this walk goes by quickly."

A few minutes in and the exhaustion from the day starts to kick in. You begin wishing for time to speed up so you can be home already.

3. "Should I pick something up to eat?"

We've all pondered whether it's worth getting food on the way home so we don't have to endure the walk to the dining hall later on.

4. "I am not feeling all this homework I have to do."

And then come thoughts of the mountains of work that your evening plans consist of.

5. "I wonder how long of a nap I can squeeze into my schedule."

The answer: probably not long enough.

6. "Does this walk count as a workout?"

You decide it does. Plus all of the walking you do around campus all day. Who needs the gym?

7. "Is my roommate home?"

Because even though we think we know their schedule pretty well, we never remember it.

8. "Finally! That walk was way too long."

No matter if you live on a big or small campus, the walk home always seems much longer than it really is.

Being done with classes is an exciting part of the day. Despite the long walk and all the thoughts we have, it's all worth it in the end when we can finally take off our shoes and relax. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Lauren Reamy - George Mason University

Lauren Reamy is a sophomore at George Mason University, majoring in Vocal Performance. Besides singing, she loves musical theatre, hanging out with her pets, and reading way too many books.

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