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May 13 2017
by Lauren Reamy

7 Colleges Where You Can Take a Class on Game of Thrones

By Lauren Reamy - May 13 2017

Are you as stoked for the new season of Game of Thrones as the rest of us? Ever since its premiere in 2011, Game of Thrones' popularity has dramatically increased, gaining more viewers with each new season. Due to this popularity, the show has become something of a cultural phenomenon, creeping into the conversations of students and scholars alike. So it was no surprise when college professors took to the task of adapting the series for lecture. Here are some of the colleges where you can take a class on Game of Thrones.

1. UC Berkeley

Arguably one of the coolest classes on this list, UC Berkeley is offering a course entitled: "The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention," where students will learn the linguistics behind Game of Thrones and how to create their own language. To make the deal even sweeter, it will be taught by the show's actual language creator, David J. Peterson. Talk about learning from the master! This course will be open to just 40 students and will take place during the summer semester. 

2. Northern Illinois University

Students in the honors program at Northern Illinois University are able to learn about Game of Thrones' connection to society, in "Game of Thrones, Television and Medieval History." For this course, students are required to watch and discuss episodes of the show, as well as look at the controversial aspects of the show and debate them. The class has become popular on campus, having filled up within one hour of opening for registration.

3. Roanoke College

Anthropology majors at Roanoke College are lucky enough to have the option of taking a special topics course on Game of Thrones. Instead of looking at the history or societal prevalence of the show, like other courses do, this one focuses specifically on the how the show relates to anthropology.

4. University of Tulsa

In "Game of Thrones and Disability," students are challenged to view the show's depiction of disability and discuss how it is portrayed. They also use these portrayals to analyze disability in a wider context, mainly disability throughout history and in modern society. For this course, students are required to read pieces of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and use them to support their arguments and to help in their exploration of how disability is shown in the series.

5. Tulane University

As a part of their freshman TIDES program, all incoming students at Tulane University are required to take one introductory course of their choice. Lucky for them, a course on Game of Thrones is one of the options. According to the description, the course is for die-hard fans of the show, and students must be caught up to the current season in order to do well. Topics covered include the roles of violence and sexuality, as well as discussion of George R.R. Martin's writing style.

6. University of Virginia

UVA was one of the first colleges to offer a course on Game of Thrones, and they have not stopped since. Students are able to enroll in a special topics literature course on Game of Thrones during the university's summer session. The course discusses how the show's story differs from that of the books and how they are able to compliment each other. It also takes into account newer episodes, since the course will be in progress during the release of the show's new season.

7. University of New Hampshire

If you're interested in the historical side of Game of Thrones, then "Game of Thrones: Power and Politics in Renaissance Europe" may be the course for you. Students of this course look at the actual historical events that inspired the series, and what was really going on in Europe during the time that the series would've taken place in.

With these colleges already offering classes on Game of Thrones, and the growing popularity of the series, it's safe to predict that there will be more and more courses about the show popping up in the future. Of course, if they don't offer one at your college just yet, it's OK. You still have the real thing to look forward to this summer.

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