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Aug 29 2016
by Lauren Reamy

6 Tips For Organizing Your Dorm Closet

By Lauren Reamy - Aug 29 2016

We're always told that organization is the key to success in college, but always in regard to schoolwork and scheduling. However, keeping your closet organized is an important step in keeping your life orderly. A clean and organized closet will ensure that you are able to find things easily, and will make you feel better over all. So without further ado, here are six tips on how to keep your closet organized.

1. Bring Velvet Hangers

There are many options when it comes to choosing your hangers, but velvet hangers are relatively thin, therefore allowing you to fit more of them in your closet. Another great thing about velvet hangers is that their material will make sure your clothes don't randomly fall off like they might with a plastic hanger.

2. Don't Bring All of Your Formal Clothes

While it may be tempting to stuff your closet with all of your favorite dresses and formal pieces, they can take up a lot of space. Also, you will not need them as much as you will need your other clothes so they will just sit in there, taking up space. According to Carly Heitlinger of TheCollegePrepster, you should bring, "a formal dress for events and a few great suiting pieces for interviews, class presentations, and internships!" This will ensure that you have the formal pieces you need, but that they are not taking up too much space in your closet.

3. Invest In a Shoe Rack

It's no fun having shoes scattered all over your dorm and tripping on them all of the time. To fix this, all you need to do is purchase a shoe rack to go in the bottom of your closet. Shoe racks make a world of difference, as all of your shoes are in the same place and you don't have to worry about looking around your dorm to find a certain pair. 

4. Use Soda Can Tabs

When asked of her advice to save space in a college dorm closet, Rachel of The Organized College Student told me to slide a soda can tab onto each hanger and hang a second hanger from the tab. Not only does this double the amount of clothes one can have in their closet, but it also saves space, as you are not stuffing your hanger rack with too many hangers.

5. Organize Your Clothes

In a small closet, it is super important to have some type of organizational system that you sort your clothes by. An example could be sorting the clothes by season, or what type of article they are, but a great idea is to put together outfits and hang them. This is an easy fix in the mornings, and makes sure that you have an outfit ready if you're running late. 

6. Use Hooks

Items like robes and towels can be hung on hooks, rather than inside of your closet. Hooks provide for easy access, so you don't have to rifle through drawers or other clothes to get to them. There are many great uses for hooks and you can either get ones that stick to your wall or that go over the door.

Organization of your closet is an important part of keeping an organized life. As soon as all of your clothes are in order, you'll be feeling like you're on top of the world. The tricky part now is sticking to the system you've set up, which requires dedication to keeping things in order. But I think we can all agree that a great way to kick off the semester is with a clean closet.

Lead Image Credit: Emily May via Flickr Creative Commons

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Lauren Reamy - George Mason University

Lauren Reamy is a sophomore at George Mason University, majoring in Vocal Performance. Besides singing, she loves musical theatre, hanging out with her pets, and reading way too many books.

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