Getting stuck with a professor who doesn't explain things well or a class that is difficult to follow along with can be a college student's worst nightmare. Along with clubs and activities outside of school, teaching yourself the material is not ideal. Especially when the textbook makes you more confused than you already were. So this semester if you find yourself lost on where to go for help, check out these Youtube channels that explain it all.

1. Tyler DeWitt

I suck at chemistry, but Tyler DeWitt has helped me so much to understand some of the more difficult topics I've come across. Explaining things logically and slowly, Tyler makes chemistry not so scary. He also includes a lot of examples that help to cement the information into your brain.

2. Philosophy Tube

If you're super confused on the philosophical ideals you're supposed to learn, check out Philosophy Tube, where a former philosophy student attempts to explain what he learned, in an entertaining and simple way.

3. The Ling Space

For those of you taking linguistics, The Ling Space has got you covered. This channel uses examples that you can understand and takes away the textbook complexity that sometimes confuses you.

4. Learn French With Vincent

French is my worst subject and a big reason I passed it last semester was this Youtube channel, where I went after every lecture to actually understand things. If you're having trouble with French, check this channel out. You won't regret it.

5. Mr. Bett's Class

If you're taking american history and just can't find anything to be interested in, check out Mr. Bett's Class, where he makes musical parodies and skits that explain key events in American History. 

6. mathbff

If you're math challenged, mathbff might be the perfect channel for you. With topics in algebra and calculus, an MIT graduate attempts to help you understand the subject.

With a new semester comes a clean slate, so I hope you use these channels to your advantage when studying in the new year.

Lead Image Credit: mathbff via YouTube