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Dec 14 2016
by Lauren Reamy

6 Christmas Movies That Accurately Describe College

By Lauren Reamy - Dec 14 2016

A lot of movies don't portray college correctly (in a variety of ways). Especially now with the holiday season, movies have the opportunity to be even more unrealistic. Here are some holiday favorites that you'll definitely be able to relate to!

1. "Jingle All The Way"

In one of my personal favorites, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is the stressed out, crazed person we all become when deadlines are looming and the world is against us.

2. "Home Alone"

Aren't we all Kevin McAllister sometimes? I mean being away from our parents can be fun, until real life knocks on the door and we have to face it head on.

3. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

Honestly there are so many relatable moments in this movie. Like can we talk about them having to uproot the Christmas tree in the beginning because they forgot a saw? Because I'm pretty sure that's all of us during finals. 

4. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

The Grinch is practically a college student. If you disregard the fact that he's a fictional character, he would fit in perfectly on campus, complaining with the rest of us. 

5. "The Santa Clause"

Having to adult is not one of the best parts of college, and Scott Calvin having to become Santa is the perfect example.

6. "Elf"

Elf accurately describes all of us in our first few weeks of college, before all the stress began to kick in. 

No matter what your favorite Christmas movie is, there are always moments you can relate to. This holiday season, I hope you find a little bit of yourselves in the movies you watch.

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Lauren Reamy - George Mason University

Lauren Reamy is a sophomore at George Mason University, majoring in Vocal Performance. Besides singing, she loves musical theatre, hanging out with her pets, and reading way too many books.

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