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Jul 04 2017
by Lauren Chin

5 Playlists Every College Student Should Have

By Lauren Chin - Jul 04 2017

Everyone should have a soundtrack to their life, and the college student is no exception. Music is one of the most affordable, fun and easy ways to add a little something to liven up your college career and keep you feeling balanced in a life of occasional craziness. 

1. Energy Playlist

When you need a pick-me-up, instead of reaching for a can of caffeine, hit the play button! Compile a bunch of songs with energetic earworms, dance breaks or motivational lyrics. Jam as you brush your teeth in the morning and find the perfect outfit, or strut your way to the library, and even get energized for that 90 minute Math 201 lecture! 


2. Studying Playlist

A common occurrence I see in the library are dozens of students with headphones or earbuds glued to their heads, as they tackle physics problem sets and French essays. Activities like these can be accompanied by soft, relaxing music, such as a classical orchestral suite or sounds of nature or white noise. Songs to avoid are ones with lyrics or songs you strongly like or dislike – your playlist should aid your studying activity, not be the main event. You can even put a single track on repeat to keep a constant rhythm in your work as well. 


3. Exercise Playlist

Similar to the energy playlist, find music that pumps you up to bench press that extra 10 pounds or run that final mile! Songs with a high bpm (beats per minute) will help you get in an active rhythm. Aim for songs at least 130 bpm and use higher tempos to help you adjust to faster activities. Motivational lyrics (think "I Can Go the Distance" from Hercules) are also key to pushing yourself with positive vibes!


4. Party Playlist

The playlist you know you've been waiting til the end of the week for! Tailor it to your own personal music and fun activity preferences. Use top 40 club hits to host a dance party in your dorm room, or add some classic 60's rock and roll to chill with your friends over conversation in the common room. Just have fun with it and sing or dance your heart out!


5. Novelty Playlist

Feeling ambitious and curious? Make several playlists at the recommendation of your peers and friends, and listen to a new one each week! These playlists will shake up the monotony of your routine and also help you become better acquainted with different genres and artists. Maybe you'll even find some new favorites you couldn't believe you ever lived without!


Now get on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc. and start head-banging or relaxing, whatever mood your college music places you in!

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Lauren Chin - Occidental College

Lauren Chin is a sophomore at Occidental College interested in life sciences and music studies. She plays in the college band and orchestra and loves the outdoors, sports and making music covers. Follow her on Instagram @luckylauren32 !

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