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Jan 15 2016
by La'Kay Hodge

The First Semester of College, As Told By The Hobbit

By La'Kay Hodge - Jan 15 2016

1. What you expected college to be like:

2. What it actually is:

3. When you go off to college for first semester:

4. After reading the syllabus:

5. When you try to make friends with your roommates/floormates:

6. "You get four assignments this semester, each worth 25% of your grade:"

7. After seeing someone you don't like on campus:

8. When you get your first bad grade of the semester:

9. When you try to find edible food:

10. Trying to bond with your peers over your mutual struggles:

11. Trying to do things without waking up your roommate(s):

12. When people ask you how you're actually going to pass your exams:

13. When you try to hide from responsibilities:

14. Once you've finished your exams:

15. When you remember that you have to do it all over again next semester:

Lead Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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La'Kay Hodge - New York University

La'Kay Hodge is a freshman at New York University who will be spending her first year in London! She is a gym enthusiast, coffee addict and massive nerd. Follow her on Twitter @LaKayHodge!

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