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May 31 2015
by La'Kay Hodge

Getting into Your Dream College: A 12-Step Program

By La'Kay Hodge - May 31 2015

1. Taking the “right” classes.

This means cramming in as many AP classes as possible even though you have other commitments (such as sleeping).


2. Getting involved in things.

If you’re like me, you thought joining every single club that your high school offered would be a good idea. It wasn’t.

3. Registering for standardized tests.

The SAT was first administered in 1926. According to Washington Monthly, back then students were given 97 minutes to answer 315 questions. So basically, the SAT has always been a bitch.

4. Filling out the Common App.

This is where you sold yourself like a whore to the college of your choice, except you’re not getting paid at all, you’re actually losing money.

5. Writing a kick-ass essay.

Spellcheck EVERYTHING. “Did I spell this right? Better Google it.” Don’t lie, you probably double-checked to make sure you spelled your own name right.


6. Submitting your applications and waiting.

The waiting is the worst part.

7. Trying to stay motivated to finish your senior year strong.

Remember when you thought you wouldn’t get Senioritis and lose all motivation? Couldn’t have been more wrong.

8. Filling out the FAFSA.

So many pages, so many numbers. So little money.

9. Getting your rejection letters:

And acceptance letters:

10. Reviewing financial aid.

11. Finally accepting your dream college.

Admit it, you felt pretty darn good that moment you clicked “accept.”

The Ellen Show

12. Now, the longest year of your life is over. Congrats!

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La'Kay Hodge - New York University

La'Kay Hodge is a freshman at New York University who will be spending her first year in London! She is a gym enthusiast, coffee addict and massive nerd. Follow her on Twitter @LaKayHodge!

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