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Jun 17 2015
by La'Kay Hodge

6 Songs for Your Summer Workout Playlist

By La'Kay Hodge - Jun 17 2015

Did you make a new year’s resolution? Are you avidly avoiding the “Freshman 15”? If you’re like me, then maybe you work out so you can eat more. Whatever the reason, the key component to a self-motivated workout is a kickass playlist. Here are a few songs that will make your workout exciting.

1. “Warriors” — Imagine Dragons

Imagine you are standing in the midst of an epic battle, sunlight glinting off your armor and the adrenaline of the fight coursing through your veins. That is what listening to this song feels like. There is no better song for slaying your enemies, world domination or working on those dream abs. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could work on all three.

2. “Future Starts Slow” — The Kills

If this song were a person, it would be wearing leather jackets, red lipstick and driving a motorcycle. It is the love child of “Bad Reputation” and “Do I Wanna Know.” Not only is it a great song to get your blood pumping, but if you’re going out, listen to this song beforehand and your confidence will skyrocket.

3. “Can’t Kill Us” — The Glitch Mob

There are no actual words to this song, but it’s so hardcore that it has to be on a workout playlist. If you’re the type of person who gets hyped listening to dubstep or EDM, you’ll love this song.

4. “Jungle” — Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors

This song creates the perfect atmosphere to let out your inner beast and rock that workout. Feel fierce. Be fierce. Look fierce.

5. “Garab” — Rachid Taha

You’ve probably never heard this song before, but you should definitely give it a listen. It’s my personal favorite and has a more consistent rhythm than any other song to keep you from slowing down.

6. “Immortals” — Fall Out Boy

More likely than not, you’ve heard this song over and over on the radio and yet you can’t stop playing it when you’re at the gym. The chorus is so explosive that as soon as it hits, no matter how exhausted you are, you go hard.

These are just a few of the great songs you can blast out of your headphones while you get fit. Honestly, it’s about finding whatever songs work for you (sometimes I listen to showtunes). Whatever it takes to keep you motivated so you can work towards a healthier, happier you.

Lead Image Credit: Lean It Up

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La'Kay Hodge - New York University

La'Kay Hodge is a freshman at New York University who will be spending her first year in London! She is a gym enthusiast, coffee addict and massive nerd. Follow her on Twitter @LaKayHodge!

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