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Feb 24 2016
by Kyra Meister

8 Little Things That Drive College Kids Crazy

By Kyra Meister - Feb 24 2016

College is a blast, but we all know there's a few things that can't help but get under our skin when it comes to the university life. Here's a list of some of the top things that drive us all a little nutty.

1. Fire alarms in the middle of the night

Ah yes, the dreaded shrill of the fire alarm at 2 am. And yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. I'd-Like-To-Make-Some-Ramen-Without-The-Water from down the hall. This puts us all a little on edge as we know sleep is often hard to come by. And you'd better hope you're not in the shower when that baby goes off, because running to your room to throw on the first thing you can find is never a fun time.


2. When the dining hall runs out of cookies

Cookies are a commodity in the dining halls, so when you're about to grab that sweet treat on the way out from lunch only to learn that they're all out, you can bet it's not going to be your day. Also frustrating is the idea that cookies are always in high supply at your 8 am breakfast run, but not when you need it the most before that next class


3. Seeing your high school cancel for snow but still having to go to class

One of the toughest realities of college life is realizing that snow days are incredibly hard to come by. Watching your friends from back home that are still in high school soak in the glory that is a snow day while you trek out to class in subzero temperatures is never easy.


4. Running to catch the bus only to have it leave you in the dust.

This has happened to me and my friends countless times, and I'm not quite sure I'll ever master the art of catching the bus. Sometimes you wonder why it decides to leave the stop when you are simply seconds away from hopping on. Word to the wise, always give yourself some extra time to make it so you don't full on sprint to the finish for no particular reason.


5. Finding out one class requires five textbooks.

Reading the syllabus at the beginning of the semester to learn that you are going to need five textbooks for one class is a hard thing to do. Knowing you'll be putting a huge dent in your wallet is no easy news to take, and wondering how you're going to carry them all back to your dorm, well that's a whole other story.


6. Being sick without your mom to take care of you.

This may or may not be every college kid's biggest fear. When you feel those sniffles coming on, you know there's no going back no matter how much orange juice you down. Not having your mom there to sit by your side and tell you everything's going to be okay might be on of the hardest realities college kids have to face.


7. Walking to the library only to find out there are no available tables.

You tell yourself you're going to have a productive Sunday in the library, so you decide to make the 15 minute trip. When you finally get there and can't find one single, open table, you want to scream because now it's time to come up with plan B and find another place to get that paper written.


8. Being expected by everyone to have your entire life planned out.

We all hate the dreaded, "where do you see yourself after graduation" question, and answering it never gets easier. Trying to plan your future out while balancing the demands of college life is incredibly difficult, and figuring out a potential career path is even harder. Everyone says focus on your future, but what about getting that seven page paper done that's due tomorrow?


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Kyra Meister - Syracuse University

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