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Mar 30 2016
by Kyra Meister

12 Thoughts You Have When You Realize There's a Month Left of Freshman Year

By Kyra Meister - Mar 30 2016

They say time flies when you're having fun, but it's still pretty hard to believe freshman year is almost complete. Days once filled with worries about leaving home, taking new classes, and meeting new friends is now replaced with figuring out your schedule for next semester, studying for finals, and wondering how you're going to survive the summer without your new buds by your side every day. We've still got one more month to soak it all in before we're no longer the newbies, so here are a few thoughts I can guarantee we're all having right about now.

1. Didn't I just send in my application?

The long and agonizing college application process feels like it wasn't so long ago. The endless amount of college tours and narrowing down of choices about where to apply took up nearly half of our senior year. And here we are, nearly done with year one. Needless to say, writing and rewriting application essay after application essay is a task not missed. At all.

2. What will I do during the middle of the night when I don't have a fire drill to wake up to?

We've all become too familiar with the 3 am wake ups due to the dreaded bag of burnt popcorn. The luxury of a night of uninterrupted sleep sounds so unfamiliar, yet so wonderful.

3. I can't believe all my friends back home are now the ones getting accepted into college.

It's crazy to see our friends from high school getting accepted into colleges, now being on the other side of the equation. We all get excited every time we see another gleeful acceptance notice posted to Facebook or Twitter, and are even more excited if it's an acceptance into our school.

4. Did I really feel lost just seven months ago?

Seven months feels so long ago, but at the same time, we were all just asking for directions and sneaking a peak at that map from our backpack, weren't we? The first few months of college were a tricky transition, no doubt, but looking back on how far we've all come is a truly victorious feeling.

5. Will I miss dining hall food?

Probably not. But it's strange to think that soon enough, we'll be saying goodbye to Turkey Burger Tuesday and hello to mom's home cooked meals. After an entire year of suffering through the same, boring choices, it's going to feel great getting back in the kitchen and being able to whip something up whenever we want.

6. How will I survive the summer with my friends not just down the hall?

This thought goes through my head more than once a day, hands down. We've gotten familiar with living so close to our friends, it's unimaginable thinking what it will be like when the closest we can get to them is a phone or Skype call away. The fact that I won't be able to walk next door or go up a few floors on the elevator to see the people we've spent the year with is a scary thought, and one that requires tissues, to say the least.

7. What does it feel like to shower without shoes on?

You're lying if you haven't thought about how great it's going to feel to step into the shower at home sans flip flops. Communal bathrooms, you won't be missed.

8. What will it be like to live without a roommate?

Not waking up to a roommate is definitely going to take some getting used to. We'll all miss the late night vent sessions, study break dance parties, and just plain old hanging out with our built in BFF from across the room.

9. Am I going to remember how to drive when I get back home?

I miss driving around so much, but am honestly a little nervous to get back in that car again. Having not driven in a very long time, I think we can all attest to wondering what it'll be like to get out on the open road again.

10. What classes should I take next semester?

The end of the semester always brings about a bunch of questions regarding what's next. The train never stops in college, and scheduling classes can be a long and stressful process. Don't worry too much, as it can only get easier from here.

11. Will I now be able to answer confidently when someone asks, "What's your major?"

The dreaded question regarding what you're studying was never a fun one to answer when you didn't know what to say, but what about now? Do we know what's next? I know this year opened up a lot of doors for me and helped me realize what it is I want to pursue as a degree, and eventually, a career. Feeling more confident in what I want to study is something I am incredibly happy about, and something I know wouldn't have been possible were it not for this year. The future is a scary place, and we don't need to know all the answers now. The next three years are there to guide you as you put the pieces together.

12. When am I coming back?

Freshmen year is an experience like no other. Now that it's almost time to pack up and say goodbye, there's one final thought on everybody's minds: when will I be back? We're feeling bittersweet as we want to spend the summer at home or off on a great vacation, but at the same time, we can't help but realize how much we'll miss this second home of ours.

The memories I've made this year are some of the best. Looking back, I like to look at all of those mental snapshots I've taken throughout the year. We're all feeling some of these thoughts and other mixed emotions about what's next, but just believe that if we survived this, we can survive anything.

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Kyra Meister - Syracuse University

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