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Aug 12 2017
by Kylie O'Neill

Why I'm Scared the College Experience Will Let Me Down

By Kylie O'Neill - Aug 12 2017

College is coming up fast. For some, move-in day is around the corner and for others it's three weeks away. Regardless of when you leave, where you're going or what your major is, we are all scared. Some are more scared than others and often they are scared for different reasons, but we can all agree that the nerves are there.

I personally am most scared for the expectation versus that reality of college. I have been told countless times that college is the best time of an individual's life. My mom has prepared me to love college and I am thankful for that because I truly am ecstatic to go, but she has also raved about how it was one of the best times of her life. When she looks back, college was truly the greatest. “It's where you find your people,” she told me, your friends for life. My dad has said the same thing: The best stories of his come from his college days. Family get-togethers often result in stories about college, including mistakes that should not be repeated, such as sliding down the hallway with the only end goal being not hitting your head on the door frame.

You have other family relatives who rave about their colleges; the professors who became their friends, the beauty of their campus and the love between their friends.

As my friends and I all decided on our colleges and majors, the best advice from college alum was to just choose one; you'll love it no matter what. When it comes down to your two top schools, aka the schools you "love equally" and "can't decide between," just choose one. You are guaranteed to love college because it's college. Each university offers so many different things but there is one common trait; it's college and you have freedom.

With this in mind I made my decision and have not regretted it since. I am excited to go to my new home away from home and I know that I will love it: The only fear left in the question is how much will I love it? There is so much fear that college won’t be as good as or better than high school.

I’m nervous my expectations for college will not be fulfilled. I know I will get the education I want and make friends, but will they be for life? Will I look back on college and wish I could go back or regret wasted time?

The only thing I can say to myself is to try it, make the best of it and know that there is no pressure. College will be as great as I make it and with determination, time management and a good judgement of character I can make my college experience as good or even better than my expectations. Best of luck to all the freshman this fall: Put your fears aside and enjoy college.

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Kylie O'Neill - Endicott College

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