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Jun 18 2017
by Kylie O'Neill

15 of the Most Underrated Ideas for Summer Fun

By Kylie O'Neill - Jun 18 2017

There are so many inexpensive and underrated ideas for summer. You don't need to buy tickets to a huge music festival, take a trip to Costa Rica with your besties or even need a car for some of these ideas. People overlook the easiest ideas that make for a great summer of unique memories over the stereotypical summer ideas. Take a twist on the cliche "best summer ever" and make some great memories and even better, some super cute Instagrams.

1. Tie-dyeing.

Any time, any day, (almost) anywhere! Tie-dyeing is super easy and fun. There are so many ways to get creative with it; you don’t need to follow the typical tie-dyeing patterns. You can do them with almost anything, anyone and most ages. All you need are a simple kit and your choice item(s) to tie-dye. After you make them, you can wear them! It’s fun to do, it’s fun to see your finished work and it makes for some super cute Instagram candids!

2. Swimming.

You don’t need to have a pool to go swimming. Make your own slip and slide with some soapy water and a tarp, get a hose, a sprinkler or even just a kiddie pool! You can find a reservoir, a lake or an ocean. Swimming has an endless amount of variation to it and with the right group of friends, the right weather and a cute bathing suit you can make some great memories with more Instagram-worthy candids!

3. Backyard camping.

If you’re not into the whole woods idea, try backyard camping! Make your own tent, buy a tent or even just grab a sleeping bag. You can make it as luxurious as you would like. The more pillows, the better. Camping can be fun even if it’s just outside your back door; it can be even more fun if you bring some yummy snacks and some friends.

4. Visit a craft store.

Craft stores provide a place for great ideas if you’re into some DIY. Take a night to build, sketch or paint under the stars. Summer is a great season of inspiration for art; take advantage of it and unleash your artsy side.

5. Watch the sunrise or sunset.

You can watch it on a hill, on a beach or even your own backyard. Bonus: If you have a truck, you can make a comfy spot in its bed with pillows and blankets. If not, bring a mini blow up pool and fill it with blankets and pillows; it might be more comfy!

6. Take a hike.

Hiking is like swimming; there are endless amounts of variation! You can hike in a big group or a small group, 10 miles or two, in your backyard or at a well-known hiking location near where you live. It’s a great way to get some exercise and take advantage of the summer weather. It’s also a great way to get a super cute Instagram if you make it to the spot with a great view.

7. Cook something!

It’s always fun to have a cookie decorating party; it’s even better when you can enjoy your creations outside! Take an afternoon to bake, cook or just make something. Maybe you can try a new recipe: Pinterest can give you an abundance of summer themed ideas. Once your creation is complete, enjoy it with your feet in a pool, your eyes focused on a movie or around your kitchen with friends.

8. Board games ... outside!

If you have a porch, a deck or just an outdoor table you have a great spot to play some board games! Board games from Monopoly to card games like Cards Against Humanity are fun to play with a great group of friends. Bring them outside to enjoy the sunshine and fill the air with laughter and you have a perfect summer activity. You can play them at picnics, by the pool, at barbeques and so many more places! The possibilities are endless with this one. Board games are classic and most often overlooked.

9. Manhunt.

Manhunt is another classic game. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a giant game of hide and seek with a twist. A small group of people hide, typically one or two, and a large group tries to find the person(s) hiding. Once you find them, they have to be tagged to be considered out. The game is fun for everyone and can be as dramatic as you would like. It’s best to play at night, followed by some s’mores.

10. Photoshoot.

Take some pictures, grab some friends to model, get some cute Instagrams and add to your personal portfolio. Photoshoots can be extreme with designated locations, wardrobe, hair and makeup or as simple as snapping some cute candids on your beach trip. Summer makes locations bright, flowers bloom and smiles bigger. Take advantage of the happiness and capture your memories in photos.

11. Outdoor concert.

Sometimes they're free, sometimes they have lawn seat options. Depending on the artist, lawn seats are typically reasonably priced. The biggest thing I’ve learned about concerts is that you don't have to be front row to enjoy them. Grab some pals, tailgate before and enjoy the music. Dance like a there's no tomorrow, take pictures and enjoy yourself.

12. Make a summer playlist.

Have this playlist for when you wake up, drive, work out, are wearing headphones and when you're with friends. Having the ultimate summer playlist makes your summer 10 times better. Plus, in ten years when you hear that song from your playlist, it will remind you of the summer of 2017.

13. Have a potluck picnic.

This means everyone brings something. When you all come together, you've got a buffet of food and some great friends to share it with. Hopefully you're by some water or a park where you can play some frisbee, football or soccer. Don’t forget a speaker, napkins, plates and a blanket to sit on!

14. Water balloon fight!

These are so underrated and so fun no matter how old you are. Change it up; use water balloons, water guns or whipped cream pies! Use your creativity, grab a group of friends and you'll be sure to have a night of laughter. Even better, you can make some funny boomerangs that can be posted on Instagram!

15. Have a fire.

This one is so easy. You can cozy up with your friends, make some s’mores and listen to some good music from your summer playlist! Spend some time under the stars with friends telling stories and playing timeless games like truth or dare.

These are just a few ideas to help make your summer more uniquely memorable. This list is by no means complete; however it is unique. Each idea has the ability to be made more personal and filled with your own memories. I hope you take the chance this summer to try some new things; maybe they’ll become your new favorite things! Enjoy the sunshine and summer vibes. 

Lead Image Credit: David Lezcano via Unsplash

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