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Sep 04 2017
by Kylie O'Neill

5 of The Best Ways to Get Motivated

By Kylie O'Neill - Sep 04 2017
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Some days we feel a little less motivated than others. Okay, maybe more than some days. The good thing? It's okay, because it happens to everyone. Here are a few tips to help you gain back that motivation.

1. Put on an upbeat playlist.

Music is a great way to help increase your mood, and the better you feel, the more likely you are to have the desire to get up and do something! You can shuffle through some of your own favorite songs, create a playlist or listen to someone else's playlist. Spotify is an example of one music app that allows you to follow and listen to other people's playlists or listen to a playlist created by Spotify, based on a specific mood. You can search the word 'motivation' or 'inspiration' and get hundreds of playlists created to motivate and inspire.

2. Find a friend .

Sometimes having a friend with you can motivate you! If you decide to go on a walk, you are much more likely to go if you have someone else who is holding you to the plan. Invite your friend to do a project with you, take a workout class with you or make plans with them afterward, so you have something to look forward to after you finish your task. There are so many ways to incorporate your friends and/or family into your tasks, so find what works best for you!

3. Create a look board.

I'm sure people call these many different things, but a look board is essentially a collage of words and pictures that inspire you. They can be ideas of things you want to accomplish, motivating words, inspiring people, pictures that make you feel inspired just from looking at them or pictures of past accomplishments. Look boards are meant to be personal and they help you set goals and inspire your future self. 

4. Get moving.

Sometimes, something as simple as getting up out of bed, going for a walk or just stepping outside can help you feel inspired to do something. The hardest part is starting, so why not make it a little easier and just start? Whether you have an idea of something to do or you are just tired of doing nothing, get up and see what your mind wants to do.

5. Do something that makes you happy.

If you find time for yourself during the day or the week, you are more likely to have the energy to do what you need to do. Find time to do something that makes you happy so that you can look forward to it. It's all about inspiring yourself, so inspire yourself to do things by rewarding yourself afterward. 

Hopefully these tips inspire you to find a strategy that helps to inspire you even on your worst days. Don't be afraid to explore more ideas that might help, we all have our bad days, but it's how you turn those bad days around that really matters. 

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