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Oct 21 2016
by Kylie Anderson

The 10 Best Movies for Those Who Are Scared of Halloween

By Kylie Anderson - Oct 21 2016

If you're anything like me, you get scared easily. 

Do you know what holiday centers around being scared? Halloween. I am absolutely terrified and on edge basically the entire month of October. Anything that resembles a skeleton, clown or monster is going to end up getting punched if it comes anywhere near me. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying some great entertainment during this season. 

There are plenty of movies that you can watch if you're scared of Halloween like I am. From cult classics to newer releases, these are the 10 movies you can watch around this time of year if you're scared of being scared.

1. Monsters Inc.

Although not technically a Halloween movie, Monsters Inc. is perfect if you want a fun little scare on the night of terror. The main premise is that best friends Sulley and Mike are a screaming duo for the company of Monsters Inc. The company harnesses children's screams for energy power in the monster world. This Pixar feature is perfect for Halloween night because of MONSTERS, but it's a Disney cartoon, which makes it most definitely not terrifying. 

2. Hocus Pocus

From monsters to witches! Hocus Pocus is a Halloween cult classic. The movie is rated PG, however, so don't expect it to scare your socks off at night. The movie follows a young teenage boy, his cute girl crush and his sister on Halloween night when they accidentally let loose the Sanderson Sisters of Salem. The adventure that ensues is full of chaos, fun scares and family-friendly cinema. This is personally my favorite Halloween movie because it's the only one that is actually intended for Halloween that doesn't scare me to pieces after watching it. 

3. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is another cult classic. The cartoon was a television special that aired in 1966. Ever since, it has been aired every single year. Basically, it's a Halloween episode of Charlie Brown; the special is only 25 minutes in length, making it perfect for a quick watch by yourself, with friends or among family. We can't get enough of Charlie Brown holiday specials, and this one is especially close to all our hearts. 

4. Halloweentown

Despite having the word "Halloween" in the movie title, this piece of cinema is not scary at all. Although often confused with the franchise specifically titled "Halloween" (which is, in fact, terrifying), the Halloweentown series is much less horrifying and much more fun. The Disney Channel Original series spans four movies following the life of Marnie Piper, teenage witch. In the first movie, her grandmother introduces her to the world of Halloweentown and all its adventures. The second movie shows a decaying Halloweentown that Marnie must save. The third movie features a group of "foreign exchange students" from Halloweentown visiting the human world, while the fourth is exclusive to Marnie going to college in Halloweentown. Most of us grew up watching these movies on Disney Channel around Halloween time, and it gives us a sense of serious nostalgia. For. The. Win.

5. Harry Potter

We all know about Harry Potter. Although these movies are definitely not exclusive to Halloween by any means (they're perfect year-round), a few different aspects can relate to the autumn season and holiday as a whole. Overall, there's one word that can sum it up: wizardry. Yes, folks. If you didn't know Harry Potter was a wizard, now you do. Witches and wizards and ghosts and goblins galore run around the universe of Harry Potter, making the movie series perfect for binge watching on Halloween. 

6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show. Must I say more? The cult classic musical has been performed and shown on Halloween for years now; it's become a tradition for so many different underground theaters to perform it on the weeks leading up to Halloween and on the spooky night itself. The story follows an engaged couple, Brad and Janet, whose car breaks down in front of a mystical castle. After doing the Time Warp (again), they are introduced to the "Sweet Transvestite" himself, leading them on wacky adventures along the way. This movie is Rated R for general inappropriateness, but there are no jump scares to spook you. The only scary thing is the fashion sense some of the characters possess. 

7. Ghostbusters

The newest addition to the Ghostbusters franchise reared its head in 2016, but all three of the movies are outstanding. The general premise of all the movies follows four people fighting ghosts. Yes, it sounds simple, but it's fun and complex to the core. The originals feature four grown men, while the new blockbuster of the summer features four grown women. It's absolutely hilarious, though not really suited for younger viewers due to the raunchy humor associated with the flicks. Honestly, though, they're movies about busting ghosts. How much more Halloween can you get? 

8. Casper

He's a friendly ghost for a reason: he's not scary. This 1995 movie is based off the cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost, although the flick does take a bit more of a darker tone than the light air of the cartoon. Casper lives in a manor with his uncles, but all he wants is a friend. Kat and her father move into the manor, and their friendship ensues. This movie is also fun for the entire family if no one likes scary movies, but you can definitely enjoy it alone or with a few friends as well!

9. Coraline

Coraline was originally a novel by Neil Gaiman, and it scared children across America for a few years after its release. Tim Burton loves to feed off the scares of children, so he decided to make it into an animated movie. However, I find this movie to be one of the least frightening movies in existence and I love watching it. There's little to no scare factor involved, and there are no jump scares. This makes it the perfect Halloween flick to watch on the night of spook. Coraline is a pre-teen looking for a little fun in her dull life, so she goes exploring around her new house when she finds an alternate dimension that is the exact opposite of her own. Her mother and father are perfect, the food is delicious and the world itself is filled with color and excitement. The mother and father she believed to be perfect, however, are actually horrible monsters. It's an animation intended for children, though, so it's definitely not as scary as it sounds. 

10. The Corpse Bride

Much like Coraline, The Corpse Bride is an animation by Tim Burton; however, there was no intention to scare with this one. The only relation the Corpse Bride has to Halloween is the fact that Victor, the main character, has a wife who is a clearly dead corpse. This Victorian animation features fun musical numbers, an intricate plot and a great "who done it" feel. If you've never seen it before, it will definitely leave you guessing the entire time. It's also shorter than most Tim Burton animations, making it perfect for a quick viewing with a few friends. The art is also visually stunning, so you'll want to keep watching even after the movie is finished. 

So if you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but are maybe too afraid to celebrate the "traditional" way, these movies are great ways to enjoy the atmosphere without having to turn around in fear every 10 seconds. Happy haunting (or not)!

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