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May 08 2016
by Kylie Anderson

10 Hidden Gems That You're Missing On Netflix

By Kylie Anderson - May 08 2016

We all have a Netflix account, right? We all love binge watching our favorite shows, discovering new movies, and wasting our time on the streaming platform for hours. However, you’ve definitely missed a few things while you were catching up on that episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or while you were watching all the surgeons die on every season of "Grey’s Anatomy" ever to be produced. Below are the top television shows or movies that Netflix has to offer that you’ve been missing out on (and should go watch immediately)!

1. "Farscape" does one even begin to describe "Farscape"? It’s a sci-fi show with only four seasons, making it optimal for binge-watching purposes. The plot revolves around an American astronaut, John Crichton, that flings himself through a wormhole while running an experiment; once through the wormhole, he is taken on board a ship that contains escaped alien prisoners that must work together against the dreadful enemy, the Peacekeepers, in order to stay alive. It sounds insane, but that’s what makes it so unique and amazing. There is never a dull moment, and each episode is full of action and an intense storyline. Character development is simply one of the best. Honestly, it sounds like everyone who was writing this show was on a massive drug trip, but they weren’t (possibly). 10/10 would recommend.


2. "Cyberbully"

"Cyberbully" is a 2011 movie about the effects of bullying over the internet. Although its target audience is definitely aimed towards girls in their early years of teenage-hood, this movie can be enjoyed by everyone. The main character, Taylor, sets up a social media site that is all the rage, but finds herself a victim of bullying soon after starting up the account. This movie gives us a good mental note of the anonymous face we are on the internet and how that can impact others; although this movie was popular after its initial release, nobody seems to talk about it anymore. However, we should be talking about it! It’s an important reminder for all internet users alike, whether that be a teenage girl or a college graduate.


3. "My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend"

Ahh, romantic comedies! "My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend" follows the plot of a struggling writer, Ethan, hoping to get published when he falls head over heels with a cute girl, Jesse. However, he soon discovers that Jesse has met another man on the same day, and she is seeing the both of them. This movie is lustful, fun, and very adorable. It’s filled with romantic fluff that's perfect for a sleepover with the girls. Also, there’s a huge plot twist in the end that ties the entire movie together perfectly. In all, this underrated romantic comedy is by far a must watch.


4. "Charmed"

"Charmed" is a television show that ran for 8 seasons from 1998 to 2006. It was popular in its early days due to superstar names like Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano, but soon grew a cult following after Doherty’s departure from the show. However, it is hard to find a "Charmed" fan that is under the age of 23, and this is simply a travesty! The show is about sister witches fighting demons, warlocks, and all the unimaginable creatures of Hell. It’s feminist and kick butt at its very core, but it also deals with other important discussions such as adoption, family, and honor. Although the 8 seasons may seem a bit daunting to amateur binge-watchers, it’s quick paced and fun, which means you won’t want to stop watching!


5. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannen Doherty in one movie? Yes, please! This little movie is an indie flick from the 80s that barely raked in 6 million dollars, but it is so worth the watch. Janey, a daughter of US Army Colonel, loves to dance and wants to try out for a dance-television show set in Chicago when the family moves there for daddy’s business. Of course, her father is met with apprehension about the entire thing, but she does it anyways (Hairspray, anyone?). On the way, romance flares up and people bust a lot of moves. The entire movie is filled with laughs, great dancing, and awkward memories from the 80s. It’s only an hour and a half, so even if it isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t regret it too badly!


6. "The Last Five Years"

This movie is better known as “the musical that tanked on Broadway”. It did so badly in 2002 during off-Broadway performances that it never got to see the bright lights of the main stage. That’s why, in 2014, director Richard LaGravenese thought, “Let’s make this into a movie adaption starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.” That’s right, readers. Superstars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan play the leads, Cathy and Jamie, in this musical-movie. The premise of the story is that Cathy and Jamie are telling their accounts of what has happened to their love life and marriage in the last five years; however, Cathy is telling her story from finish to start while Jamie is telling his story from start to finish. This leaves us with a (500) days of summer vibe, attempting to piece together what actually happened to the couple, but set to music! Be warned when you watch this, though. The opening number, Still Hurting, will leave you crying for weeks afterwards.


7. "Kids Baking Championship"

A great way to feel bad about yourself is to watch a show where kids are far more talented than you will ever be. However, if you ever feel your ego is too large, this is the show to watch! There is only one season on Netflix consisting of 4 one-hour-long episodes, meaning this is the perfect show to zip through on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you should be studying for finals. The show, judged by Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli, pushes children to their limits in a kitchen to show off their skills, have fun, and win an awesome prize. If this doesn’t sound adorable and fun to you, please check to see that you still have your soul.


8. "Jenny's Wedding"

Also known as, What Katherine Heigl Did After She Left Grey’s Anatomy. "Jenny’s Wedding" is an indie flick centered around a woman coming out as lesbian to her parents before she marries her long time partner (presumed roommate by the ‘rents) Kitty. It’s emotional, it’s funny, and it’s overall a great movie. The movie, released in the same year that same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 of America’s states, provides insight into some of the traumatic dealings that closeted individuals must face. It also opens up the discussion about how to treat a child that announces their presence as a member of the LGBT+ community: the same. It’s an insightful watch that will leave you sad and happy all at once.


9. "Underworld, Inc."

This is the kind of show you watch at 2 in the morning when you’re having an insomniac episode and no one is around. "Underworld, Inc." explores the world of the underground economy in the United States. The topics of the show are heavy, ranging from gun control to prostitution. It even throws in episodes about human trafficking and fake pharmacology stunts. For those looking to learn a thing or two about what they don’t teach you in Economics 101, this is the show to dive into. Netflix only has 6 episodes that are about 45 minutes a piece, so while binge-watching may not be all too fun, it will leave you more insightful after only a few short hours.


10. "Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden"

Comedy specials are nothing new to Netflix. Chelsea Handler’s “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live” and Bo Burnham’s “what.” have dominated the streaming site’s comedy charts for years, but nothing compares to Aziz Ansari. If you think you know Aziz, it’s most likely because you’ve seen an episode of Parks and Recreation. However, Tom Haverford of Pawnee is merely a secondary character in the main character, Leslie Knope’s, life. In "Live at Madison Square Garden," Aziz is the main character of all of our lives. This stand up special is energizing and extremely funny; topics range from being a child of immigrants to dating during the 2010’s. He even throws in a few gags about technology in the modern age for all you “youngsters” watching his show. Most people seem to overlook this comedy special because of the boring promotional picture, but rest assured, it will not be a waste of your time to look into if you’re needing a few chuckles. 


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