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Jun 05 2017
by Kris Lussi

5 Reasons Why You Should Ignore Senioritis During Senior Year

By Kris Lussi - Jun 05 2017
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Just about every senior in high school acquires “senioritis," I mean, come on, it’s your last year and you’re basically done! You’ve finished all of your college apps, scholarship essays and FAFSA applications. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy what senior year has to offer. But here are some reasons why you should NOT take that route.

1. You’re basically done, so why not power through?

You’ve spent three years giving your best effort towards high school. Why mess that up now? You only have a few more months left! Give your best effort so you can truly say that you did your best throughout high school. Keep that honor roll standing. Keep that 3.5 GPA. Make your parents proud.

2. Don’t disappoint your teachers!

Trust me, I’ve heard so many teachers say, “I know what you’re capable of,” to their senior students. Your teachers have seen you thrive in school these past three years. They love to see their kids continue to do well throughout their senior year. If you show that you’re able to finish senior year strong, despite all the senioritis-struck students around you, they will be proud! Keep your relationships with your teachers strong so if you ever need a recommendation letter from them, they’ll write you a GREAT one!

3. You don’t want to risk missing important senior events.

Senior year is full of fun activities. I know my school had a field trip to Six Flags, a yearbook banquet and a grad night. You wanna keep your grades up, or else you won’t be able to attend these events! And really, is staying out late with your boyfriend/girlfriend instead of doing your math homework really worth missing one of these once-in-a-lifetime events? No! You’ll never get these opportunities again! Take advantage of that!

4. You don’t want to miss graduation!

You’ve been looking forward to walking up on that stage and getting that diploma basically your entire school career. Why mess that up? Get to class on time! Don’t accrue too many absences! Is sleeping in an extra hour really worth having to repeat your senior year? You only get one shot at graduating with your class, don’t screw that up just because you wanted to party instead of finish your homework.

5. Why lose motivation at this point in your life?!

You're about to enter college! It's going to be a BIG change from high school. You're going to have harder courses, tougher teachers and a LOT more classmates (depending on your school). This is such an important time in your life. You want to stay motivated, not lose motivation! You're supposed to get prepared for college while you're a senior in high school. Not doing your homework, being late to class and having a negative attitude won't help you prepare. College is going to be hard! You're going to have to have the motivation to push through it. Losing motivation your senior year of high school might actually affect you negatively in the long run.

So yeah, senioritis may seem all glamorous, but in reality, it's not. I got senioritis my first week of senior year. Whenever someone is asked, "You got senioritis yet?" and the person says "No," I get jealous! Think of all I could've accomplished if I had stayed motivated throughout my senior year. Yeah, it's hard to stay motivated in school when you are on the verge of entering adulthood, but you are SO CLOSE to being done. Finish high school on a high note! You'll be happy that you did in the future. 

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Kris Lussi - Quinnipiac University

I will be attending Quinnipiac University in the fall and plan on majoring in psychology. I love music, going on adventures, Netflix, and cats. Follow me on Instagram @kristinlussi

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