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Oct 22 2016
by Kirami Bah

UNCG Went Wild 'n Out When Nick Cannon Came For Homecoming

By Kirami Bah - Oct 22 2016

Nick Cannon and the Wild ‘n Out crew stopped by UNC-Greensboro Thursday night. They performed at Spartan Madness, an annual homecoming event that showcases the Spartan’s women’s and men’s basketball team.

The comedy show was set to start at 8PM in Fleming Gymnasium, with doors opening at 7PM. 

I arrived around 5 p.m. only to find that the line to enter had already begun to wrap around the gym.

Thankfully I was a part of the group of 1,600 students that were able to enter and see the basketball and comedy events!

Before Wild ‘n Out took over Fleming Gymnasium, UNCG Athletics showcased the players for 2016-2017 women’s and men’s basketball team. With the main lights dimmed, the teams burst through a curtained entrance, dancing along to their favorite songs!

While the audience eagerly waited for Nick Cannon to arrive, the basketball teams played different games to keep the audience engaged. Many students, including me, took to Twitter to express our excitement for Spartan Madness. Those that were lucky (or just quick with their fingers) were able to see their tweet on the large announcement board in the gym.

Finally, after nearly three hours of waiting, the Wild ‘n Out banner appeared on the stage and Nick Cannon came running out. The entire gym went wild with screams and yells, as if we were at a sold-out concert.

"I love you, Nick Cannon!" said freshman Deborah Mobombo.
Video Credit: Kirami Bah

The comedy show lasted for about an hour, and there was no moment where the gym wasn’t in an uproar!

Video Credit: Kirami Bah

Freshman Psychology major, Amiah Sanders, told Fresh U:

"I enjoyed the show [and] I liked how hype they were even though it was late. They were very funny and I had a great time."

Another freshman, Miracle Johnson, also enjoyed the show, even though she had a 9 a.m. class the next morning:

"It was lit, but in the back of mind I was like, 'I got class in the morning.' And I didn't want to leave because I didn't want to miss anything, especially the family reunion."

The family reunion is a part of the comedy skit where they bring random audience members on stage and introduce them as the entertainers 'family member's.' It's hilarious!

After having midterms last week, laughing along to the Wild ‘n Out crew’s jokes and jabs was something that we all needed.

Lead Image Credit: UNCG Athletics via Twitter

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Kirami Bah - University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Kirami Bah is a freshman at UNC-Greensboro majoring in Communication Studies. She has an affinity for quotes and loves trying new things. Follow her on Twitter @kirxmi.

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