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Aug 01 2015
by Kiara Joseph

Why You Should Make Time for Your Parents in College

By Kiara Joseph - Aug 01 2015

They've embarrassed you. They've made you cry. They've frustrated you. And they've annoyed the living daylights out of you. But you should not forget about your parents when you are away at school.

After the initial hug and kiss goodbye on move-in day, it's important to keep in contact with your parents while you're away.

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For those of you who have decided to go away to school, you are in a unique position in that you have to make a life away from home while keeping a relationship with those you have left behind. In order to create that balance, it is important to set aside time for your parents at least once a week. Choose a day and time for every week, and stick to it. They will want to keep in contact with you (and they will keep calling) so it's in in your best interest to designate a time to keep in contact with the people who raised you.


Even if you are completely immersed in your new college life, it's important to take out at least a few minutes to speak with your parents. As much as you may try to be a new person, you can't forget where you came from.


Don't just talk to your parents when you want money.


Or when you need a care package because you are tired of Tuna Salad Tuesdays.


Because whether you were at your worst or best, they've always been there for you.


And they always will be.


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Kiara Joseph - Northwestern University

Kiara Joseph is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. In high school, her work was published in several anthologies. She is an eccentric writer, loves comedy, and is an avid football, baseball, and hockey fan. Follow her on Twitter @heyitskiaraj.

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