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Jan 30 2016
by Kiara Joseph

The Ultimate Winter Bucket List

By Kiara Joseph - Jan 30 2016

You're cold, you're dorm confined and classes have just started, but that doesn't mean that you have to be miserable!

1. Have a snowball fight


2. Go on a hot chocolate date or coffee date with your crush (or best friend!)


3. Have a Netflix all nighter with your floor

4. Go ice skating in an outdoor rink

5. Star in a photo shoot in the snow

6. Go sledding

7. Make an igloo

8. Eat ice cream or frozen custard


9. Go skiing

10. Go snowboarding


11. Go ice fishing

12. Decorate winter-themed cookies

13. Have a bubble bath

14. Throw a winter- themed party

15. Go to the Super Bowl


16. Attend a winter concert for your favorite artist

17. Attend a NCAA tournament game

18. Make care packages for the homeless and give them out

19. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

20. Take a late night helicopter ride

21. Start working out to build your ~summer body~

22. Go Ice Climbing

23. Try every drink on the winter menu at your favorite cafe

24. Participate in a restaurant crawl


25. Run in a winter marathon

26. Meet a politician at the Iowa caucus

27. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

28. Make cider


29. Buy discounted holiday decorations for next year

30. Make a snowman 

(And last, but especially not least)

31. Stick to your New Year's’ Resolution!

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Kiara Joseph - Northwestern University

Kiara Joseph is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. In high school, her work was published in several anthologies. She is an eccentric writer, loves comedy, and is an avid football, baseball, and hockey fan. Follow her on Twitter @heyitskiaraj.

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