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Mar 28 2016
by Kiara Joseph

10 Times Kanye West's Twitter Brilliantly Illustrated College Life

By Kiara Joseph - Mar 28 2016

1. When your English professor destroys your paper.

2. When you feel personally victimized by a really bad grade.

3. When people try to infringe on your right to your own opinions and free speech.

4. When you're incredibly optimistic about the future.

5. Standing up for causes you believe in, even when it's an unpopular one.

6. When you're delirious after an all-nighter.

7. The struggles of being a 21st century college student.

8. Ditto.

9. Students vs Sallie Mae. 

10. When you're cramming before a midterm.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Kiara Joseph - Northwestern University

Kiara Joseph is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. In high school, her work was published in several anthologies. She is an eccentric writer, loves comedy, and is an avid football, baseball, and hockey fan. Follow her on Twitter @heyitskiaraj.

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