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May 25 2016
by Kevin Hom

6 Things I Learned During My Senior Year of High School

By Kevin Hom - May 25 2016

As seniors, we know a thing or two about surviving high school. We've been through it all, from the first day as a high school freshman, to finding a seat at the lunch table and soon – graduation. As I write the final chapter of my high school career, I've gathered some words of wisdom for the underclassmen to help out with their high school journey:

1. Grades aren't everything.

If you're a junior in high school you often hear this from your teachers and guidance counselors during your college application process. I didn't buy into this "grades aren't everything," spiel until I received my college decisions. There were some schools where my friends got in, but I didn't and there were some schools which accepted me, but not my friends. Grades and test scores made up most of what colleges saw, but they also factored in the number and quality of extracurriculars you did.

2. Teachers are as lazy as you are.

It's true. They don't want to be there as much as you don't. They know that you don't care about high school anymore, and lets face it: who wants to look at half-hearted papers done the night before? While you are Snapchatting your friend in another room, your English teacher is probably making plans with the Biology teacher next door.

3. Underclassmen look up to you.

While most of them do literally, you might not notice that they do so figuratively as well. While I shared a mutual respect between fellow seniors, it was the underclassmen which I loved the most. They'd ask me questions about how it was like being a senior, questions about taking AP classes and of course League of Legends (I'm not very good if you're wondering).

4. Catch up with all of your friends when you have the chance.

It might seem sad, but the truth is that these last few months might be the final time that all of your friends will be together in one spot. While modern day tech allows us to connect with each other from coast to coast, nothing beats seeing each other for five or six days each week. Plus, there's a good chance that with your upcoming college schedule, you might not necessarily get a chance to Skype your best friend every Friday night. Make these last months count!


5. Make the most of senior year...

...even if it means dropping an AP class. Some people are able to make the most of their social life while taking 7 APs, and if you are able to, kudos to you. I only took one AP my senior year to ease the stress of applying to colleges and the previous 3 years. I weighed the options-- I could be getting college credit if I got a four or five (mind you, Calculus BC), or I could use that time that would've been spent studying and doing homework on bonding with friends, family, Key Club and just relaxing overall. Most of my high school career was spent stressing over grades, why let senior year be the same?

Who could hate this group of lovable losers?  Photo Credit: Amy Lee

6. College is going to be amazing.

When I received my acceptance letter from Boston University, it was probably one of the happiest days of my life. Even though I knew from the Applicant Link, it was definitely better seeing the thick envelope come in the mail. While the realization of the endless number of opportunities is very exciting, the idea of living outside of New York for the first time is a bit scary for me. 

Wherever you ultimately decide to go, embrace yourself and enjoy it (I know I'll be telling myself this!). After all, the clock is ticking, and before you know it you'll be graduating from college!

Kevin Hom

Lead Image Credit: Kevin Hom

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Kevin Hom - Boston University

Kevin Hom is a freshman at Boston University's College of General Studies. He was part of Red Cross Club and Key Club in high school. During his time in Key Club, he was appointed Club Bulletin Editor during his junior year and elected Club President during his senior year. Kevin enjoys following baseball and New York sports. Follow him on Twitter @khom01!

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