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Jan 05 2016
by Kelsey Oliveira

Winter Break as Told By House

By Kelsey Oliveira - Jan 05 2016

1. When you finally arrive back at your hometown for break:

2. When you need to pretend to be excited at countless family parties:

3. When your friends want to hang out but you have to think of an excuse so you can sleep all day:

4. When your parents ask why you're being so lazy:

5. When you realize you've already watched 5 series of TV shows on Netflix:

6. When you start to question if you really need to go back to school:

7. When your professors start to email you about the spring semester:

8. When you ask your mom to bring you food and she says that she can't:

9. When you think about how you're going to be when you return to school and have to do work again:

10. When you want to do fun activities but realize you're still a broke college student:


11. When you actually start to get bored at home and begin to count the days till you are back at school:

Lead Image Credit: Huffington Post

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Kelsey Oliveira - University of Central Florida

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