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Oct 17 2015
by Kelsey Oliveira

7 Thoughts You Have On the Way to Your 8 a.m. Class

By Kelsey Oliveira - Oct 17 2015

1. "It is way too early for this and I just want to go back to sleep."

As soon as your alarm goes off, you already know how the process of getting to class is going to be. No matter how many hours that you sleep, you still wake up exhausted and have nightmares about your iPhone alarm ringing earlier than it's supposed to. You just want to fall back asleep, skip class, or basically do anything to prevent you from leaving your warm bed.

2. "I can wear what I wore to bed to class...right?"

You FINALLY make it out of bed, and you're on to the next grueling task: deciding what to wear. This process is difficult at any given hour, but it becomes rocket science at 6:30 a.m. You don't even have the energy to put on clean sweatpants and a t-shirt. "I wore a t-shirt and shorts to bed and no one saw me in them...I can definitely just wear this to class. I'll pair this with a hat so I don't have to do my hair either. Maybe I'll ditch the slippers though. Perfect."

3. "Why am I awake when it's still dark outside? Shouldn't I still be asleep?"

Heading out of your dorm you feel like you're in a dream as you're the only one heading outside, and the sun still hasn't risen yet. Birds haven't even gotten up yet to wake everyone else up. You feel like a zombie dragging your feet down the stairs, just hoping you don't miss a step and fall over. Life is just not ready for you at this hour, and you are definitely not ready for it either.

4. "I still have time to go back to bed and skip class."

You're halfway out the door, and you just want to turn back around and run back and jump into your bed. However, you realize you'd have to walk up the stairs your room...on the fifth floor. Everything is so difficult in the morning. Even though going to class seems like the better option, you may get lucky and just fall asleep in there.

5. "How are some people so awake and happy...and dressed nicely?!"

As you enter the building of your class, you see others wearing similar ensembles as you, whereas others look dressed to the nines and are smiling from ear to ear. You can barely keep both eyes open, but somehow these people put so much effort into their outfit! You also know coffee can do wonders, but it definitely doesn't work miracles on making you happy in the morning. All you're concerned with is being able to get back into bed when class is over. You just tell yourself you'll be in a good mood around 1 p.m... maybe.

6. "Class has started; only an hour and fifteen minutes until I can go back to sleep."

8 a.m. finally approaches, and you're able to see out of both eyes and have simple conversations, yet you're still exhausted. On the bright side, you know the only obstacle between you and your bed is an hour and some change, and that should at least give you some motivation in the class, However, your professor decides to give a pop quiz...and give back your failing test grade...and assign an essay for next week. You were honestly better off just staying in bed.

7. "I am never taking an 8 a.m. class again."

Through all the pain and suffering endured waking up and getting to your early class, you realize it isn't worth it. You could be sleeping in rather than learning. Honestly, you were just being a naive freshman thinking you could handle an 8 a.m. class, but you were wrong. So wrong. The most wrong you've ever been in your entire life, but you have to learn the hard way sometimes, right?

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Kelsey Oliveira - University of Central Florida

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