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Aug 21 2016
by Kelsey Lentz

The 7 Stages of Saying Goodbye on Move-In Day

By Kelsey Lentz - Aug 21 2016
Goodbyes are always bittersweet, especially when it comes to the people who raised you. But they are also very complicated, given move-in day is the most hectic day of freshmen year and a completely unfamiliar experience to you and your family. I mean, this is the first time you are actually fleeing the nest, moving out and saying those emotional goodbyes to your parents, but it is not that simple and your parents will get on your nerves as will you on theirs. So without further ado here are all the stages of goodbye you might encounter with your parents on the infamous move-in day.

1. Oh my gosh, just leave already.

At this point your parents are nagging you to your absolute limit. The stress of move-in day is hitting them harder than it is you and you are just ready to be done with the “Do you have your alarm clock?” “Did you get that box out of the car yet?” “Do you have any room under your bed for these shoes?” Enough is truly enough.

2. Freedom!!

FINALLY, they leave after what seems like years and you say your heartfelt goodbyes as your newfound freedom begins to sink in. At last you are on your own and it’s time to celebrate!!

3. Oh wait, I forgot something….

But then you realize you forgot something and that you need them way more than you think. You resort to begging them to turn around or shipping those last few forgotten items to your dorm room.

4. Mild panic attack.

This leads to a casual freakout as you start to doubt your ability to live alone and question the independence that only a couple of hours ago you thought you had down pat.

5. Extreme homesickness.

Now you are lying in your new bed, in a room you aren’t used to, in a foreign place that is now your home and next to a complete stranger. You wish for the comfort of your house and parents and miss them terribly. Homesickness takes over and you just want your Mommy.

6. Acceptance of their absence.

Within the next couple of days however, you snap out of it and accept that they are gone and that you have to move on with your life. The more you embrace college the more you forget about those people you once knew and get pumped to no longer have a curfew, chores, or parents to ground you.

7. Realization of what really matters.

 Though being away from your parents has it’s perks, in the end you really do learn that home is where the heart is and you start to appreciate all that they did for you to get you to this point.

Whether your goodbye is full of tears, a brief hug or a long awaited opportunity for freedom, your parents are an essential part of who you are and always will be. This is the first time away from them and the beginning of a lifetime of independence from them so take the time to make your goodbye count on move-in day. 

Lead photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons via Dana Beveridge

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Kelsey Lentz - Pennsylvania State University

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