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Oct 23 2017
by Kelly Wallace

10 Things to Show Your Parents When They Visit For Fall Weekend

By Kelly Wallace - Oct 23 2017

Fall Weekend is a time for family members to come to campus and see all of the fun things you are doing. Plus, if they are paying for your tuition, they probably want to make sure it is in good use. Here are some things to show your parents if they come to campus this fall.

1. Your favorite spot on campus

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Do you love to spend time in your favorite campus coffee shop? Your parents would most likely love to see where you're spending most of your time (because it's definitely not at the frat house nearby). 

2. Your dorm room

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Have you been keeping your room clean? If your parents are coming by, you might want to show them that their college student has been taking care of themself. Make sure to put away that dirty laundry!

3. The dining halls

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How's the food? Your parents might want to know. Show them the salad bar where you go all the time, and also allow them to view the amount of fresh fruit available that you are definitely eating each day. They'll be impressed to know that you're keeping up a healthy college diet, or at least pretending that you are.

4. Your clubs and activities

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Do you play Club Volleyball? Are you a part of the school's Mock Trial team? Take your parents to a meeting or a game if you can. They want to know you're actually having fun in college, too.

5. Your new friends 

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Have you made a lot of new friends you love spending time with? Or just a few that you have really connected with? If so, show them off! Your parents won't have to worry that you're sitting in your room studying all day.

6. The library

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For a lot of students, the library is where a lot of studying and classwork gets done. Show your parents that you're working hard when you're not with your friends or at your various clubs. Bonus points rewarded if your parents are teachers or librarians.

7. The unique thing at your school

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Is there something unique about your school that wasn't really mentioned in any of the brochures or webpages? This would be a good time to show your parents. That cool arboretum that your friend back home doesn't have at their school? Your parents probably want to see it.

8. (For legacy students), how the campus has changed

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Did your dad go to the same college back in the day? He probably wants to see how the school has changed over the years. Did they add a new dorm or renovate one of them? Does one of your friends share the same room that he had? Show him.

9. The career center

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Never been to the Career Center on campus? Your parents don't need to know that. Show them the center where all the magic happens. They'll be incredibly happy to see all of the opportunities and resources available.

10. The location of your classes

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Is your Calculus class in that cool building near the edge of campus? Show your parents. If you have two classes back-to-back, show them how athletic you are for getting to class on time each day, especially if the buildings are on the opposite sides of campus.

Parents love seeing what their children are up to, especially when they're paying a hefty amount for it. Fall Weekend is a great time to take your parents around campus and show them your favorite spots. Show them the great college experience you're having!

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