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Nov 19 2017
by Kelly Wallace

10 Realities of Being a Girl Who Likes Other Girls

By Kelly Wallace - Nov 19 2017

Being a girl who likes other girls can be a unique experience. Whether it's trying to figure out how to ask out that cute girl down the hall or dealing with a family member's reaction to your sexuality, chances are that another gay girl has gone through the exact same thing. Here are 10 things that almost all girls who like other girls experience.

1. Difficulty Flirting


Did she wink at me or does she have something in her eye? Did she say my outfit looked cute because she thought it did or does she want to go out on a date with me? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not another girl is flirting with you.

2. Trouble relating to characters in TV shows or movies


While the film and TV industries are rapidly evolving and introducing more gay characters, it can sometimes feel like you’re watching the 30th movie in a row that doesn't have any gay female characters. 

3. People questioning your sexuality


Not everyone is going to be accepting of your sexuality. Some family members may say things like, “You used to like boys, what happened?” or “You’re too young to know you’re gay.” If you’re religious, your religion might not approve of your sexuality. It’s always best to surround yourself with people who will accept your true self. 

4. Looking “too gay” or not gay enough


Most people in and outside of the gay community have an idea in their head when they think of a traditional gay woman. If you prefer to dress more masculine, your family and friends might say that you look too much like a boy or that you look too gay. On the other hand, sometimes gay women are told that they’re “too pretty to be gay” or that they don’t look like they’re gay. 

5. Always being seen as representing the entire gay community


Just because I feel some particular way about an issue doesn't mean all my fellow gay sisters feel that way as well. We don't all dress the same and we don't see everything on similar wavelengths. 

6. More orgasms


According to a study done in 2014 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, compared to straight women, gay women have the highest incidence of orgasm. It’s easier to make it happen when you both have the same stuff down there.

7. Having your heart broken by a straight girl


It’s bound to happen. Sometimes you meet the cutest girl you’ve ever seen and you find out that she’s also the straightest girl you’ve ever met. The key is to learn how to move on and find someone who plays for the same team if you know what I mean.

8. Never having to worry about getting pregnant


For same-sex couples, no one has to worry about getting anyone pregnant. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t practice safe sex, however, because even if you can’t pregnant, you can still get STDs. Stay safe, fellow gay girls.

9. Struggling to accept your sexuality


Sometimes it’s not just other people who are making you feel bad about your sexuality. Some gay people struggle with internalized homophobia and feel bad about being gay. If this is you, it’s important to not keep these thoughts within. You should talk to someone. Learning to accept your sexuality will lead to a much happier you.

10. Falling in love with a girl for the first time


Almost everyone remembers their first love (and for most of us, the heartbreak that came after). Falling in love with another girl is a rollercoaster of so many different feelings, but some say it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Being a girl who likes other girls is a unique journey filled with many different emotions. Sometimes it's difficult to navigate, but if you ever get lost, you have a whole community waiting to support and help you.

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