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Jul 29 2015
by Kayla Reardon

Why Class Pages Are Beneficial

By Kayla Reardon - Jul 29 2015

Back in the day people had to wait until school started to meet their class. Sure, they made a handful of friends at summer orientation. But real friendships did not truly develop until school actually started.

Well, now it is 2015, and Facebook exists. Class pages have become a norm. Most of us (us being the class of 2019) have been members of our class pages for several months now. For those of us that are still holding out, and even those upcoming high school seniors, here are some reasons to join class pages!

Meeting new people

Well, this is sort of obvious, but class pages provide an excellent way to engage with your future classmates! Don’t be afraid to post and comment on posts. In my school’s class of 2019 page people are very active! Somehow we all decided to start posting short summaries about ourselves. This is a great way to get to know each other. So join your class page and get social. You can also just observe your fellow classmates if you do not feel up to chiming in just yet.

Finding a "froomie"

Froomie = future roommate. If people are posting about themselves you might just find the person you want to room with on your class page! Some class pages make other pages for finding roommates. So not only can you connect with potential friends, you could also find the person you will share a living space with! Many of my high school classmates found their roommates on class pages. This also means they have a Facebook, which leads to an amazing resource for stalking and gathering information (if they’ve been on Facebook for a few years and actually used it). This is also an excuse to refresh and update your Facebook (a.k.a. hide super embarrassing moments!).

Information and deadlines

If it is an “Official” class page, there will be current students on the page ready and willing to answer any questions you have and remind you of important dates! They will give you updates about what you should be doing or should have done for the upcoming school year! This is a great reminder for deadlines (which so far is all college has been). Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! They are there to help and it is important to know as much as you can!

Making a decision (for those seniors)

For the future freshmen (class of 2020 that’s you!), class pages can help you make a decision later on in the year. If you are unsure which college to attend join multiple pages and see which one has people you connect with the most! Granted there are other things to keep in mind when you are selecting a college; class pages provide an excellent way to get a feel for WHO you are going to college with. Make sure you are on the class pages during a good time though! Some pages might seem less active, but perhaps other applicants have not received their acceptances yet!

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Kayla Reardon - Northwestern University

Kayla Reardon is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. She had several stories published in her hometown paper during her senior year of high school. She enjoys tumblr, music, and scary movies. Follow her on twitter @KaylaSReardon.

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