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Jun 30 2015
by Kayla Reardon

7 Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout College

By Kayla Reardon - Jun 30 2015

1. Don’t forget about the money.

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Before you skip that class (or potentially fun campus activities) think of how much you are paying for school. You should also think about how much more you could (potentially) make! Countless studies have been done (Google it!) that prove college graduates DO earn more money than people without a college degree.

2. Let your passions fuel you.

Your passions can get you excited for the future and increase your drive to succeed. If you love your major, or even a particular class you’re taking, use that passion to get you through the dreaded distribution classes. While these distribution classes are not in areas that you are particularly fond of, know that once you complete them you get to focus on what you truly love.

3. Get and stay involved or active.

Having extracurricular activities you enjoy will secretly help you stay in school. While classes might not be your favorite part of going to college, having outside things you enjoy can make you stay strong enough to partially focus (at least!). Staying involved and active will lead to connections with classmates and a healthier lifestyle — both tools that can be helpful throughout college.

4. Take it one semester at a time.

Planning ahead is very important. It’s important to know what GPA you need to do a specific program, what options are available, etc. It is also important to focus on one thing at a time. So yes, plan ahead for specific opportunities you know you want to take advantage of, but in the grand scheme of things, take your college experience one semester at a time!

5. Have help.


Help is critical. Help is valuable. Do not be afraid to ask for help — even if you just need a friend to text you inspirational words during an intense study session. Go to tutors in college (they are usually free), talk to TAs and talk to your advisor — take control and get the help you need whenever you need it. College campuses are incredible because of the fact that they have unlimited ways to find someone to assist you in a time of need.

6. Prove yourself.

Think about that one person that does not believe in you. Let that fuel your fire throughout the four years of school! Make everyone who doubts you regret it! You could also prove something to yourself. Getting a college degree is no easy task and finishing school will be an amazing accomplishment.

7. Graduation is just four years away.

Let’s be honest — we will all, eventually, reach a point where the only thing keeping us going is the thought of graduation. The thought of having to take no more classes and being 100 percent truly done (unless you go onto future education) will sound like the most gracious gift. Granted, we are freshmen now and at this point we are just excited to meet everyone.

Lead Image Credit: Nicole Burrows

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Kayla Reardon - Northwestern University

Kayla Reardon is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. She had several stories published in her hometown paper during her senior year of high school. She enjoys tumblr, music, and scary movies. Follow her on twitter @KaylaSReardon.

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