1. You eventually can communicate by motions and facial looks.

Words are not even necessary as your friendship progresses. Plus, it’s much easier to say you’re ready to leave a social gathering without saying it out loud.

2. You don’t get bothered by things that would bother you if anyone else was your roommate.

Go ahead and blow-dry your hair at 3 a.m. It’s honestly fine, because I know you’d let me do the same thing. Leave the light on! You do not have to go all the way to the lounge so you can study while I sleep. It’s OUR room after all.

3. Your nap schedules overlap.

There is no better satisfaction than saying, “Hey I think I’m going to take a nap,” and your roommate saying “me too!” and then turning the light out so you can both really focus on clocking out for an hour…or two.

4. You start to share the same music / television tastes.

I mean you live together and at some point you will have to play music out loud. Maybe jam to a conglomeration of both of your favorite songs while you clean. Figure out what shows you both HAVE to watch and maybe join in! What’s another distraction from homework anyways?

5. You get the Freshmen Flu together.

You both take the same medicine, share some tissues, and someone actually understands exactly how you feel! So sniffle freely, because they are right there with you and cannot really complain about how noisy you are being.

 Lead Image Credit: Felipe Bastos