Summer is here and so is the ever-so-stressful bathing suit season. Girls' bathing suits tend to be small and show more skin than you'd like, especially in your bikini area. If hair growth in your bikini area is something you want to keep at bay this summer, I highly recommend getting a Brazilian wax. Never gotten one before but still want to give it a try? Don't worry, this article is here to help you learn more about this hair removal technique and to educate you on the seemingly scary Brazilian wax. 

Common Misconceptions:

1. Pain.

I remember once discussing the topic of Brazilian waxes with my friends and one said she heard that it "hurt more than childbirth." With that as my only source of information on Brazilian waxes, I pretty much decided then and there that I'd never get one done.

Spoiler alert: I did, in fact, end up getting one done and that girl was definitely exaggerating. Yes, it's painful and uncomfortable but it only really hurts in the moment and then stops; it could've been so much worse. The best part is that your first time will also be your worst time! It'll only get better from there.

2. Maintenance.

My wax lady recommends getting waxed every 4-6 weeks but in the end that decision is entirely up to you. You won't lose any of your "progress" if you choose to get waxed less often than suggested and your hair will still thin as you keep going to appointments. Plus, it's less maintenance than shaving, anyway!

3. Cost.

Brazilian waxes aren't as expensive as you'd think. On average they are $50 but can range from as low as $20 to as high as $100 — it all depends on where you go. Obviously fancier, more trendy salons will charge higher than your local nail salon. Keep in mind, however,  the price does not always reflect the quality of the wax. So my advice is to go wherever you are most comfortable, and it will be worth it.


1. Grow out your hair.

Your hair should be approximately half an inch (1.5cm) for effective waxing. Longer is better as your wax specialist can always trim it if it's too long but may have to turn you away entirely if it's too short. This may be inconvenient if you're trying to be consistently bare but as your hair thins out as you wax more often, you'll be able to get waxed with shorter hair.

2. Don't get waxed the day of.

Plan ahead. If you're waxing for an occasion do it at least 24 hours before to let it heal and allow for the redness fade. It's also recommended to go right after finishing your period (because you are least sensitive during that time in your cycle).

3. Do your research.

Make sure you read reviews of any place you consider going to to get waxed, but keep in mind that most times, word of mouth recommendations trump Google's: you don't have to experience it firsthand to know the quality.

4. Eat before.

Whether or not you have a low pain tolerance, it's important to bring up your blood sugar before a painful Brazilian wax. The pain, no matter how severe, may make you feel woozy. So eating before is a great way to help prevent fainting or passing out. 

5. Wear loose bottoms.

The post-wax experience will be uncomfortable so it's best to not irritate your skin any more than it already is. Sweats or baggy pants work well but skirts and dresses work best -- all you have to do is pull them up and it doesn't leave you feeling as exposed. 

Whether you decide that you may want to try a Brazilian wax, continue with your current hair removal technique or do nothing at all, remember that at the end of the day it's your body and you should only do what feels comfortable to you! Remember, all bodies are summer bodies!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash