You know what they say — it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily for us, Hollywood’s done a pretty good job of documenting that festive spirit. Here are nine movies on Netflix to get you in the mood this holiday season.

1. "Love Actually"

This classic British comedy stars multiple different couples in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. If you haven’t seen Love Actually, it’s an absolute must because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

2. "12 Dates of Christmas"

Basically a Christmas version of Groundhog Day, this movie is surprisingly good even though it’s not that well known. A girl is destined to repeat Christmas Eve over and over until she gets her romantic life in order before Christmas, and she has some pretty funny experiences along the way.

Credit: ABC Family

3. "Christmas Card"

If you want a kind of cheesy, romantic movie that’ll make you feel patriotic and put you in the holiday spirit, this is the perfect movie to watch. It stars a soldier returning home for the holidays who gets to meet the woman who wrote him a Christmas card while he was overseas.

Credit: Hallmark Channel

4. "Miracle on 34th Street"

Show this to someone who doesn’t believe in “Christmas magic,” and it’ll for sure change their mind. Santa Claus comes to town and befriends a little girl who doesn’t believe he’s real, and the outcome is totally heartwarming. Also, the girl in it played by the actress who also played Matilda and she’s probably the cutest little kid in the world.

5. "Christmas with the Kranks"

This classic follows a couple who decides to “skip” Christmas, and the madness that ensues. This movie is another must-watch, because it is absolutely hilarious. If the spray tan scene doesn’t make you laugh out loud, you’re probably Scrooge.

6. "The Legend of Frosty the Snowman"

This animated classic will give you serious winter feels and have you wishing for a snow day. Also, the voice actor for Frosty also does the voice for Patrick Star, so it’ll probably give you some Spongebob feels.

7. "Just Friends"

This comedy follows a previously dorky, overweight Ryan Reynolds (bonus points for that) as he returns to his hometown for Christmas and struggles to escape the friend zone of the girl he fell in love with in high school, ten years prior.

8. "Last Holiday"

In this heartwarming movie, Queen Latifah plays a woman with a terminal illness who decides to take a dream vacation to Europe with her remaining time. This is one of those sweet movies that makes you feel thankful for what you have and helps you realize what is important to you in life. 

Credit: Paramount Pictures

9. "All I Want for Christmas"

When a toy company holds a contest asking kids in America want for Christmas, one boy says he wants to find a husband for his mom. What ensues is yet another heartwarming, slightly cheesy romantic tale.

Credit: Hallmark Channel

Whether you're busy studying for finals or decorating and buying gifts, it's never a bad time to watch a holiday movie before you go home for break. Thank goodness Netflix has so many holiday movies so we can just sit back and watch. Happy watching!

Lead Image Credit: Sebastian Spindler via Unsplash