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Jul 20 2017
by Katie Taylor

7 Dessert Places to Try in Chapel Hill

By Katie Taylor - Jul 20 2017

Chapel Hill has a ton of different restaurants and shops, especially on Franklin Street, but these bakeries and ice cream shops definitely have the best desserts in Chapel Hill. If you ever need a sugar fix, just hit up this list and you’ll be set.

1. Sugarland

Sugarland has some seriously delicious gelatos, cupcakes, cakes and pastries, and it’s located so close to campus it’s definitely worth stopping by after a class on the upper quad.

Dessert to try: Cupcake du jour — every day Sugarland has different flavors of cupcakes, and all of them are delicious!

2. Yogurt Pump

More commonly known as Yopo, this frozen yogurt shop always has delicious flavors and toppings that you can get for a reasonable price in the heart of Chapel Hill.

Dessert to try: Yopo changes their flavors pretty frequently, but they always have a delicious fruity flavor that’s definitely worth a try.

3. Sutton's Drug Store

3. Sutton's Drug Store

Sutton’s Drug Store is primarily a diner, but their shakes and ice cream floats are definitely worth stopping in for. Sutton’s has been in Chapel Hill since 1923, so it’s got a lot of local charm and has been loved by Tarheels for nearly a century.

Dessert to try: Sutton’s milkshakes are a timeless classic, and you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors.

4. Maple View Farms

You’re gonna have to find a friend with a car to get to Maple View Farms, but it’s totally worth it. Beautiful views combined with delicious ice cream made on site, you’ll want to come back for sure.

Dessert to try: Carolina Crunch, their flavor that’s a nod to UNC, is chocolatey and crunchy and tastes like a candy bar in ice cream form.

5. Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe

This breakfast place isn’t primarily known for their sweets, but they do have some sweet pancakes and waffles that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dessert to try: Reese’s Pancakes. ‘Nuff said.

6. Insomnia Cookies

Not specific to UNC, but the fact that they’re open until 3 a.m. is definitely something to appreciate. Once you try these warm, gooey cookies, you’ll probably find yourself craving them all the time.

Dessert to try: The classic Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie ... like the chocolate chip cookies you’re used to, but more chocolatey and gooey and delicious.

7. Crepe Traditions

Crepe Traditions has a delicious selection of sweet and savory crepes, and a lot of their sweet crepes have really interesting flavor combinations like chestnut and ice cream or blueberry and lemon.

Dessert to try: S’mores Crepe — everything you love about a s’more wrapped up in one crepe.

As you can see, being a Tarheel is pretty sweet! Good luck eating at all these places without going into a sugar coma!

Lead Image Credit: Brooke Lark via Unsplash

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Katie Taylor - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Katie Taylor is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Business and minoring in Spanish. In her free time, you can find her instagramming her dog, baking anything with chocolate, or watching Game of Thrones.

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