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Nov 04 2016
by Katie Taylor

10 Overwhelming Moments for Private School Kids When They Go to College

By Katie Taylor - Nov 04 2016

The transition from high school to college can be a bit overwhelming. It can be especially hard to handle if you’re going from a class of 100 to a class of 4,000. While private school kids will eventually get used to seeing new people every day and kids showing up to class in sweats, the first few weeks (or even months!) of school can be pretty mind-boggling. Every student who has made the transition from a small private school to a big state school has experienced these 10 moments.

1. Trying to meet everyone on move-in day.

Once you had all your things settled in your room, you tried to meet everyone in your building only to realize that there are more people in your hall than there were in your graduating class.

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2. Walking into lecture halls.

When you’ve never had a class size bigger than 25 and your first class in college is 400+ people, it can be a little much.

3. Wearing t-shirts and sweatpants in class.

You’ve had either a uniform or a strict dress code your whole life, and now you can wear your pajamas to class if you really want to.

4. Not knowing who to sit with in the dining hall.

In high school you could sit down at any given table and had something to talk about. Now it’s just walking into a room full of strangers.

5. Not seeing your best friend all the time.

Chances are you probably had half your classes with your best friend in high school, but now they either go to a different college or you only see them a few times a week.

6. Not knowing what year everyone is.

You knew the backstories of most people at your school but now you have no idea what year anyone is until you ask.

7. So. Many. Clubs.

Your high school probably had about five different clubs, and now you have so many possibilities! Narrowing it down is even harder, because you want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

8. You have to be careful with your valuables.

In high school there was a strict honor code; you could leave your stuff anywhere on campus and not have to worry about it not being there when you got back. Now, not so much.

9. Classmates always disappear. 

At some point you’ll probably sit down next to someone in class, make polite small talk with them and never see them again. It happens in huge lecture halls all the time, but it definitely wouldn’t have happened in high school.

10. You'll walk across campus and recognize no one. 

It’s not rare to walk to class without seeing a single person you know, whereas in high school you basically know everyone you pass.

While these may seem like super big deals at first, always remember that even freshmen that went to public schools are new to college too! They had to meet new people and find their way around just like you did, so get to know the people that sit around you in your huge lectures and make the most of the diversity that college can bring you.

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Katie Taylor - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Katie Taylor is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Business and minoring in Spanish. In her free time, you can find her instagramming her dog, baking anything with chocolate, or watching Game of Thrones.

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