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Jul 15 2016
by Katie Kim

Using Post-Its With Roommates: Yay or Nay?

By Katie Kim - Jul 15 2016
When living with a roommate, one of the most important things in maintaining a strong bond and healthy friendship is effective communication. In times when communication fails, there's a lot more room for confusion, manipulation and the occasional fight that only leads to even more awkward tension (and we all know how that feels). 

For decades now, post-it notes (or sticky notes) have been a popular form of communication between roommates whether they be used to leave cute motivational encouragement or to request that the other do the dishes for the day (or maybe two). 

So, this brings up a question: are post-its really an effective way of communication? Is it possible to abuse the use of post-its in order to avoid confrontation and escape mundane chores? Or is it actually a better way to communicate, especially when compared to texting? I wanted to really understand what people thought about the topic, so I asked. The following information was taken from both current and former college students.  

Yay to post-its!

"Post-its wouldn't necessarily replace meaningful's a method of communication for when face-to-face isn't possible, kinda like leaving a text. Post-its would actually promote stronger bonds than texts...[they] have some resemblance to physical communication in that there's a physical message." (Kyung-Min Shin, California Institute of Technology '19)

"It's a good method for would be problematic if it was the primary source of communication, but if it's something that you use occasionally when you know you'll be out, then it would be handy...especially if your roommate isn't one to check his or her phone." (John Yeo, Georgia State University '20)

"The best way of communication will always be face-to-face, but leaving sticky notes when necessary doesn't hurt. But also, sticky notes just might not be seen." (Paula Ryu, Case Western Reserve University '19) 

Nay to post-its!

"While it's cute to leave a sticky note on your roommate's laptop and it's more 'creative' than just leaving a text, it really all depends on the content of the sticky note. Like if my roommate has been spending the past few days partying and she leaves sticky notes like 'could you clean up the room today?' or 'get the laundry please,' then I would be pretty mad. One or two times is okay, but it could easily become a problem if it happens every week." (Kelly Lee, Pratt Institute '10)

"Post-its seem pretty useless now just because 1) we actually have texting, 2) it's a waste of a necessary school supply and 3) your roommate might not see the post-it note." (Brandon Cole, eNew York University '14)

"I think that what I'm about to say goes for not only sticky notes, but any other form of communication that doesn't require direct confrontation. In general, any good way to bond with someone involves being comfortable with opening up with that one person and not being afraid to be honest. My roommate was pretty outgoing and involved in school activities so she was rarely in the dorm. The first few times she left sticky notes to notify me that she wasn't going to be coming back for a while or to ask me favors, I thought it was really considerate of her. But after a while, it just seemed like she was using me because she would always ask me to clean HER stuff and do HER errands. It got really annoying, but I could never tell her that of course." (Sarah Park, Michigan State University '12) 

After asking around and having discussions with different people, I wasn't necessarily able to come up with a solid yes or no to post-it notes myself, but I learned something pretty important out of it. The truth is, everyone is different and not everyone is bound to have the same opinions. Before resorting to use different forms of communication, it's crucial to understand how your roommate feels about certain things (not just post-its). Living with someone isn't always as pretty as we picture it to be, but creating a strong bond will make everyone happier in general. So, what do you think about sticky notes? 

Lead Image Credit: Katie Kim 

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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