The University of Georgia, located in Athens, GA, is a school with a lot of history and a lot of beauty. If you are attending or are planning to attend UGA, then these are some common and necessary bucket list items to cross off of your list. 

1. Visit the fountain on north campus. 

Sinking your feet in the fountain (or running through, if you're fearless enough to brave the cold water) is a must for all UGA students. Mainly, visiting the fountain is mandatory for celebrating something huge (such as finishing finals). Also, it's just a great place to chill or study. 

Katie Kim

2. Ring the Chapel bell. 

As another way to celebrate a great occasion, ringing the Chapel bell is a favorite for many UGA students. While some prefer to save it until graduation, others will ring the bell every time they want to celebrate a good test grade, a special event or perhaps even a night spent out drinking (a little too much). 

Katie Kim

3. Go to football games. 

Football is pretty huge at UGA so it's absolutely mandatory to go to at least one game (or all of them). Don't forget to go all out on spirit-wear as well, or you'll stick out from the crowd. 

Katie Kim

4. Lay out (literally anywhere). 

UGA's campus prides itself in all of its pretty greenery and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. It's not uncommon to find hammocks and blankets all around campus so next time the weather is nice, be sure to wind down and lay out. 

Katie Kim

5. Go to school events.

All colleges end up having cool events every once in a while. This also applies to UGA. Take advantage of any events that the school may provide (they provide several throughout the year, usually at the Tate Student Center) and be sure to make some memories! Most events also come with free food and free t-shirts! 

Katie Kim

6. Walk (around) the Arch. 

There's a famous tradition at this university that every student should be aware of — never walk through the Arch until you have a diploma in hand. They say that if you walk through the Arch before graduation, you'll graduate late (or possibly never). Additionally, the Arch is an extremely historical site and is a site today for protests as well. 

Katie Kim

7. Visit the Georgia Museum of Art.

Many students seem to forget that there is an actual art museum on campus, but it's definitely worth visiting at least once. It's a great opportunity to get some artsy pictures and appreciate some great talent. 

Katie Kim

8. Go downtown and satisfy those late night cravings.

Whether you're downtown to hang out with friends or to drink the night away (safely), visit the many different restaurants and hot spots that the school has to offer such as Wing Zone, Insomnia Cookies or Zombie Coffee and Donuts. The night life is pretty real. 

Katie Kim

To all future UGA Bulldogs, we're beyond excited to have you join the family! Not only is UGA a beautiful campus, but the community is also extremely tight-knit and you're bound to find your place here. 

Lead Image Credit: Katie Kim