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Mar 18 2017
by Katie Kim

9 Current Freshmen Give One Piece Of Advice To Upcoming Freshmen

By Katie Kim - Mar 18 2017

The best form of advice often times comes from those that actually experienced and lived through the moment themselves. Upcoming freshmen have a lot to look forward to and a lot to learn as they enter a new stage in their lives — college. In order to ease some anxious minds, current freshmen took the time to give one piece of advice to next year's freshmen. 

1. Find your best friends. 

"Make sure you find a friend group that you don't get tired of. Make sure they drag you outside, so you don't hole up in your room all day because you're missing out. Find your best friends — they're important." – Ellison Pyon, University of Georgia 

2. Have your priorities straight.

"So the jump from high school restrictions to college freedom is huge. That said, know your priorities your freshman year or else you'll fall behind with school and that's not fun for anybody." – Angela Lee, Georgia State University

3. Challenge yourself. 

"Try things you think you wouldn't normally do, because at the end of the day, at least you tried. Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to get rejected because everyone's been there. College is gonna be a really confusing place to be, but if you play your cards right, it can be one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have." – Brandon Cho, Northwestern University

4. Don't overload yourself with classes. 

"The first semester of college should be a time of adjustment — the first time that you are make whatever decision you want. Don't take too many classes and labs and stress your first semester out. It'll give you a bad impression of college in general. College is all about learning about ourselves...Take it slow and see all of the amazing perks that college actually provides and enjoy them...Do things that you enjoy while making your parents happy. Make your parents proud of the adult you have become when you graduate." –Joshua Kim, University of Georgia 

5. Get a job. 

"When people say that they become broke in college, it's most definitely not a lie. College is pretty expensive so when you can, try to aim at getting a job so you can afford all those hangouts with friends." – Sarah Madison, University of Florida 

6. Don't let dislikes take away from your experience. 

"Don't let your dislike for where you [in particular] take away from the experiences you have and can have. I didn't like GSU so I didn't take advantage of the things I could've had. I was pretty focused on leaving that I didn't focus on making the time I do have at GSU the best it could be." – John Yeo, Georgia State University

7. Have a printer. 

"Although it is definitely not necessary, having a printer in my dorm room was a great decision and really came in handy. [Especially] for times when I was running late printing an essay — I was so glad I had it!" – Anna Army, Syracuse University

8. Don't be shy. 

"In college, oddly enough, it is more difficult to make friends. A lot of the times, you have to actively put in effort to reach out to others periodically and put yourself in social situations like clubs and organizations to find people you would get along well with. Don't be shy and think that you are being needy! Everyone loves meeting new friends, too." – Sarah Wang, University of Southern California 

9. Eat well, sleep well. 

"With no adult or parent to tell you what to do, it can be really easy to skip meals and miss hours of much needed sleep. Being on your own means having a lot of freedom to do what you want, but it also requires a large amount of responsibility. While academics are definitely important, so is your well-being. Never sacrifice your health for anything else — it should always come first." – Katie Kim, University of Georgia 

College is, quite literally, an experience of a lifetime. Even though it may seem you have so many more years left of school, you'll quickly realize that time truly does fly. Make the most of your first year and start off strong!

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