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Oct 23 2016
by Katie Kim

7 Things You'll Learn About Your Roommate First Semester

By Katie Kim - Oct 23 2016

Living with a roommate is most likely one of the most unique parts of anyone’s college experience. Everyone’s roommate story is different in the sense that no two people have the same exact lifestyles and preferences. Whether the things that you learn about your roommate end up aligning with your own ways of living or not, these are some of the things that you’ll most likely notice about your roommate within the first few weeks of living together.

1. Their Sleeping Patterns

The concept of sleeping is a sacred one that is never taken for granted by college students because no one ever gets any. Most likely within the first few days of living together, you’ll learn whether your roommate is a night owl or a morning person. You might also notice certain sleeping tendencies (snoring, sleep-walking, sleep-talking).

2. Their Favorite Midnight Snacks

Another familiar concept to all college students is the late night munchies. What are some of your roommate’s favorite snacks to eat at 2 AM? Maybe your roommate likes to keep it simple with a nice granola bar or maybe some chicken teriyaki with ramen and an extra salad “just to keep it a little healthy” (I know the latter one applies to me).

3. Their Study Habits

There is a chance that you don’t learn a whole lot about your roommate when it comes to studying. This can be due to the fact that your roommate prefers to study alone or perhaps in a different location, such as the library. On the other hand, you may also discover that your roommate loves to jam out and throw it back to 90s songs or maybe pace around the room to memorize a massive amount of information. Whatever your roommate does, it’s always important to respect their study habits.

4. Her Period Schedule

This one obviously applies to only girls, but it’s actually an important thing to be aware of. Knowing when it’s “that time of the month” for your roommate is another way of expressing that you care. If you buy your roommate chocolate during this terrible time, you’re doing it right!

5. Their Social Habits

Does your roommate like to make a lots of friends? Are they outgoing? Or is your roommate more of the reserved type? You'll most likely be able to find the answer to these questions pretty quickly. It's totally fine to have a completely different set of friends with your roommate. Everyone deserves to have their own private life. If you two do end up having all the same friends, that's cool too because that just means more bonding time for the both of you! 

6. Their Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves and it's important to notice which ones your roommate has to reduce any tension in the roommate relationship. If you have any strange habits that might be bothersome to your roommate, you might want to try changing them. 

7. Their Definition of "Fun"

Having fun can mean a lot of things for different people. The first time you get to figure out how your roommate prefers to have fun will probably be that first weekend after college starts. Maybe your roommate likes to have a movie night in the room or maybe they like to find open parties with friends. The important thing to remember is that no matter what your roommate likes to do, you shouldn't feel obligated to follow along if it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

In the end, the most important thing is to always try to make as many memories as you can with your roommate. Try new things together and explore all that there is to offer because a roommate relationship is something that can never be replaced. 

Lead Image Credit: Ian Schneider via Unsplash

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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