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Apr 24 2017
by Katie Kim

7 Things College Students Are Most Excited About For Summer Break

By Katie Kim - Apr 24 2017

The time that we have been waiting for is finally just around the corner. While we still have a couple weeks left of school, college students are already ready to make summer break plans and finally get some rest. These are just some of the things that college students are most excited about for summer break. 

1. Going back to see family and friends. 

"To be honest, I'm not super excited about summer break... it won't be as chill because I actually have to go to work. But I guess if anything, going home and seeing GA family and friends (even if it's only for a couple weeks) is something to look forward to. Breaks are my only source of a social life." — Kyung-Min S., California Institute of Technology '19

2. Simply just taking a break (maybe). 

"Being home is always a welcoming break from the stressful and busy college life. I'm ready to eat food and finally get some sleep. However, college students aren't necessarily [always] on break during the summer. [Many are] always working towards the next step for their future by taking on internships, jobs, summer courses or research." — Arah K., Bowdoin College '17

3. Doing what I want. 

"With school being out for a couple months, I'll finally be able to do what I want... Mostly playing League of Legends." — Ellison P, University of Georgia '20 

4. Taking advantage of the summer. 

"In high school, it's really easy to take summer break for granted because you know that there will be a lot more of them to come, but in college, you suddenly come to the realization that summer breaks will soon be a thing of the past as you enter the real world. I hope to make the most of the breaks that I have left by traveling, spending time with my girlfriend and eating good food." — Joshua K., University of Georgia '20 

5. Sleeping all day and being lazy. 

"During my first year at college, I could rarely sleep due to my busy schedule. During the summer, I plan to get as much rest as I want and not worry about all the school work that would otherwise be waiting to be finished." — Maddy B., Virginia Tech '20 

6. Competing. 

"I'm most excited for this summer because I'm going to the district championships for my taekwondo competitive season of this year. If I win, I automatically go to the world championships. I've never competed this far in my taekwondo career so I'm excited to see what happens!" — Peyton N., University of Georgia '20

7. Traveling for the first time in forever.

"My family and I were never the traveling type. If we ever did travel, it was to states that bordered the one that I resided in. However, this summer, thanks to my cousin from South Korea who is visiting America for the first time, I'll be able to explore New York and what it has to offer with her for the very first time. I couldn't be more excited." — Katie K., University of Georgia '20 

Even though summer break is quickly approaching, it's important to remember that the final weeks of school are also some of the most important ones, so don't forget to keep the studying grind on. 

Lead Image Credit: Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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