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Aug 13 2016
by Katie Kim

6 Ways to Find Comfort in Your Home Away From Home

By Katie Kim - Aug 13 2016

Going to college is, by far, one of the greatest changes that anyone will ever go through in his or her lifetime. It's one of those experiences that makes you look back at your old self that was freaking out over high school and laugh because now high school seems like a complete joke and you are utterly lost in a sea of literally thousands of people who are trying to find their classes on a massive campus. 

Among the mixed feelings of fear, anxiety, excitement and freedom, there comes the inevitable - homesickness. It's normal for students to miss the comfort of their bedrooms and their parents' cooking. If you aren't close enough to home to make frequent visits, consider doing the following:

1. Bring a treasured item from home.

No, don't bring something like your solid gold ring that was passed down generations in your family. A treasured item can be anything like your favorite book to read when you're feeling bored, the coffee mug that you drink out of every morning at home, or maybe your favorite stuffed animal that you just can't sleep without. Having a small item that means a lot to you will help you feel a lot closer to home and prevent you from feeling too lonely.

2. Call old friends and family.

As classes start to get increasingly difficult and exam dates start to approach, often times it's easy to forget to stay connected with those at home. Remembering to call your parents, even if it doesn't happen everyday, will put them at ease and also help maintain that strong, healthy bond. Hearing familiar voices, especially those of your loved ones, may prove to be extremely comforting and just what you needed to relieve the stress that's been building up. 

3. Make your bed as comfortable as possible.

Sleep is a necessity when you're in college so it's crucial to have a bed that's super cozy and comfy. Whether it be buying a nicer pillow or splurging on a super fuzzy blanket, make sure that your bed is made just for you. Getting a good night's sleep will help you stay in a brighter mood throughout the day and prevent side effects from having just a little too much caffeine. 

4. Bring the aromas you enjoyed back at home. 

When you're missing home, the best thing to do is to cater to all your senses- including smell. Most dorms will most likely restrict the use of candles, so consider bringing your favorite air freshener or small pots of herbs that bring you back to your favorite place.

5. Personalize your walls.

Most dorms aren't known for having the most flattering walls. In fact, they're probably cinder block walls. Adding small decorations on the walls such as your favorite pictures or band posters will help your space feel more like your bedroom rather than a jail cell. String lights are also great options, too, if your dorm allows them.

6. Establish rituals with your roommate(s). 

Maybe you're used to having Friday movie nights or making dinner with your family once a week. Whatever traditions you may have, try establishing new ones or continuing old ones with your roommate(s). Doing so will help you bond with one another and you'll quickly have a second family.

Starting a new chapter of your life can be intimidating at times. It can be difficult to let go of the familiar and some may adjust quicker to new environments than others. However, one thing to remember is that you're never alone. It's okay - healthy even - to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try something new, so don't be afraid to take chances!

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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