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Mar 10 2017
by Katie Kim

5 Things You Do When You Watch A Rom-Com With Your BFF

By Katie Kim - Mar 10 2017

Everybody loves a good rom-com and the best types of people to watch them with are your best friends. Watching rom-coms with your best friend allows you to fully immerse yourself in the movie and your own emotions while watching the movie, providing a lot of room for things to happen during the film. Here are some things that you and your BFF may do while watching rom-coms.

1. You wonder why you can't find anyone like the lead character.

All we want is someone who is caring, attractive and willing to sacrifice his/her life for us. The truth is, movie character personalities will most likely never really exist in real life. This, of course, doesn't mean that we can't find the perfect one for us. Maybe it's time to cut people some slack and realize that movies are pretty unrealistic. Then again, who's to say that we can't dream?

2. You cry out of loneliness.

It'll happen soon enough in the movie. The lead characters will share their first kiss scene and you and your BFF won't be able to handle it. You'll start to feel lonely and start to wonder why you are still single. At least you and your BFF have each other, right? Let the tears flow.

3. You still can't help but smile at the cute parts.

As much as you and your BFF hate seeing couples, you still can't help but crack a small smile or giggle when there's a extra cute scene in the movie (such as a first date scene).

4. You start talking about relationships instead of finishing the movie.

Sometimes, a movie will start to get you in a certain mood. Instead of finishing the movie, you and your best friend may find yourselves ranting about relationships or just the concept of love in general.

5. You secretly reminisce about your past relationship.

A movie can really bring back old memories if the movie is a good one. You might find yourself thinking about your past relationship and comparing it with specific moments in the movie, almost convincing yourself that you're just like the main lead.

Rom-coms can bring about a lot of different emotions in us depending on our current situations and moods. As long as you're with your closest buddies, you can always expect a good time.

Lead Image Credit: Ben White via Unsplash

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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