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Jul 09 2016
by Katie Kim

15 Songs for Summer Road Trips

By Katie Kim - Jul 09 2016
It is a known fact that road trips are an essential part of summer vacation. Whether it be with friends or family, being in a car for countless hours really allows for some quality bonding time as well as unexpected memories. The key to a painless road trip is to get into the summer feels as much as you can. And the best way to do that? Get that perfect summer playlist. These are 15 songs that are on my own personal summer playlist that you may end up wanting on yours for your next trip. 

1. "Great Summer" by Vance Joy

If you've seen Paper Towns, then you most likely know this song. The title says it all--no further explanation needed.

2. "The Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls 

This one's an oldie but goodie. The instrumentation in this one is bound to get you jamming with the windows down. 

3. "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts 

I know, I made an even bigger throwback, but how could anyone forget this song? I'll admit that country isn't my thing, but it's a great song to jam to regardless (and hopefully everyone knows the lyrics). 

4. "Search Party" by Sam Bruno

Another great track that was in Paper Towns (that movie had some really good songs). Hopefully you have some good speakers because you're going to want quality sound to hear the bass in this one. 

5. "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae

This song is definitely more of a laid-back, good-feels song, but I can never leave it out of my summer playlist. 

6. "We Are Infinite" by The Tunnels

I first discovered this song through the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower (an amazing movie that's definitely worth your time) and I've been in love with it ever since. This one will definitely give you the feels (especially if you listen to it at night).

7. "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line 

This one's another country song, but it's another one that I can't forget to mention. The tune is super catchy and easy for everyone to sing along to for the perfect jam session.

8. "Classic" by MKTO

This is the kind of song where everyone goes "AYEEE" when it comes on the radio, and for a good reason. It's the perfect song to sing and dance to and it's bound to get EVERYONE moving. 

9. "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors 

This one's for the best day of your life on your summer vacation.

10. "My House" by Flo Rida

If you don't know this song by now, you're probably living under a rock. Really though, this is a pretty quality song. Welcome to my house, my friends.

11. "I Like It Like That" by Hot Chelle Rae ft. New Boyz 

Yes, it's another track by Hot Chelle Rae. This one's another feel-good song that you can't miss out on! The chorus is super catchy and the lyrics scream summer feels. 

12. "Here's to Never Growing Up" by Avril Lavigne

If you also loved Avril Lavigne as a kid, then you were definitely a cool one. The lyrics to this song probably resonate with every teenager who's just trying to have a little fun, making it another essential. 

13. "I'm Good" by The Mowgli's 

This one has to be the easiest to sing along to in terms of lyrics, which is great for the whole squad. Every time I feel down, this song never fails to make me feel just a little better.

14. "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake 

This song has got to be one of the best that's playing on the radio right now (and it's also one of the few songs on the radio that I actually love) just because 1) it's Justin Timberlake and 2) it's a super catchy/cute song that screams happiness. 

15.  "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses

I saved this one for last because it's the song that absolutely everyone knows (or at least has heard of), making it a popular one for the summer playlist. I'm not going to lie though, the scene from Step Brothers is what really made me love this song (if you know what I'm talking about, then I give you an online high five). 

There are hundreds of different songs that you could use for your own playlist so don't hesitate to go explore different genres and artists! No matter what songs you choose to play in your car, your next road trip is bound to be a memorable one, so enjoy it to the fullest! It's not always just about reaching the destination!

Lead Image Credit: Katie Kim

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Katie Kim - University of Georgia

Katie Kim is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Journalism. She loves candy (particularly Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) and loves to sing and dance (even though she is not good at either of those activities). Follow her on Instagram where she shares some of her happiest moments :)

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