Students are often allowed to leave a class if their professor doesn’t show up by a certain amount of time, but what happens when the roles are reversed?

This became a reality for Adam Heath Avitable, who teaches a GED prep course at a college in Central Florida. The class enrolls between 10 and 15 students each semester, none of whom showed up on Thursday.

Adam documented his experience in a hilarious thread on Twitter, which has since gone viral.

He even brought candy for students who attended class.

Adam discussed the incident with Fresh U via e-mail.

“Everyone works at their own pace, and [the class is] non-traditional, so I don’t expect them all to come every day or stay all day,” he said, “but this was the first time I had zero students 90 minutes into the day.”

Adam isn’t holding it against the students, though, saying they may have missed due to the nice weather or some extra work shifts they couldn’t miss. (He has also posted another thread in which he jokingly poses as a student explaining why they didn't make it to class.)

“I was pretty sure I’d have at least one student before the end of the day,” Adam said. “There’s one student who loves learning and he hasn’t missed a class, ever. But he’s usually there about 30 minutes after class starts because he walks to class a pretty good distance.”

Two students eventually did show up after 95 minutes, but not exactly for a lecture.

Some Twitter users responded to the initial incident with humor while others said they would've gone to class if they had been Adam's students.

Despite having no class to teach, the day wasn’t a total loss for Adam.

“I still had work to do for my online classes, and I encourage my students to use the computer programs we have because it helps them learn better than the workbooks sometimes,” he said.

And as for the extra candy he wasn’t able to give to his students?

“Well, I’m a fat guy, so I ate it,” Adam said. “I’m always happy when my students are there because they’ll eat it, but if they don’t show up, I’m there to eat every last piece!”

Lead Image Credit: Adam Heath Avitable