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Jan 19 2017
by Katie Czerwinski

This High School Student's Mom Lost Her Mixer...and Now, It Has Its Own Instagram

By Katie Czerwinski - Jan 19 2017

Last summer, Evan Kohler’s mother lost her Kitchen Aid mixer. Six months later, she found it in an unlikely place – Instagram.

Evan, a junior at Northside High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, told Fresh U about the ordeal over Twitter direct message.

“After six months of our mixer being gone, my mom started to get skeptical," Evan said. “She couldn’t remember if she had lent it to someone and forgot to get it back.”

Evan’s mother took to Facebook and said she hoped to find the mixer in 2017, which “disappeared” from her pantry while its bowl and attachments were left behind.

A few weeks after the post, an Instagram account called “” appeared with pictures of the family’s mixer in various locations around Arkansas. Although the family suspects their neighbors might be pranking them, the account’s owner has not yet come forward.

Evan’s mother misses her mixer, but she has been able to laugh about the whole experience.

“Honestly, she never cooks,” Evan said of her mother. “My mom loves a good laugh, she’s that typical kind-hearted southern mom. All of my family has Instagram accounts so it’s cool to get everyone involved.”

Like Evan’s mother, Twitter users have also found the humor in the Kohler family's situation.

“It’s definitely a prank that we won’t forget,” Evan said. “And the mixer’s adventures aren’t even finished!”

Lead Image Credit: via Instagram

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Katie Czerwinski - Syracuse University

Katie Czerwinski is a senior at Syracuse University studying magazine with a minor in psychology. She is obsessed with pineapples, long naps, and cooking shows. Follow her on Instagram @katie.czerwinski or on Twitter @katieczerwinski

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