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Feb 27 2017
by Katie Czerwinski

This High School Student Has A Genius Method For Finding A Prom Date

By Katie Czerwinski - Feb 27 2017

When Becky Harhai, a junior at Steel Valley High School, realized she was having trouble finding a prom date, she decided to get creative.

Becky told Fresh U via Twitter direct message that her dad is a teacher at a neighboring high school, which allowed her to be resourceful once she realized she couldn't find a date at her own school.

“As a joke, I made a PowerPoint for him to show to his classes,” Becky said. “I got the idea after going to his school’s playoff basketball game. There were a lot of cute boys playing on the team and in the student section and I thought, ‘What if I went to prom with one of them?’”

Becky posted her PowerPoint slides on Twitter to highlight all the reasons she’d be the perfect date, like “she cleans up nice,” “she likes to talk so there won’t be an awkward moment,” and “[she] will boost your grade up by 10%.”

Twitter users have found Becky’s method for finding a prom date both genius and hilarious – some even saying they might try it themselves.

Becky has a message for students like her who are also on the lookout for a date: “Keep your options open and think of a good thing to do to ask who you want!”

While Becky hasn't found a prom date yet, she has noticed that people from her dad's high school have seen her tweet, so she's keeping her hopes up for the coming week.

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Katie Czerwinski - Syracuse University

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