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Jan 10 2017
by Katie Czerwinski

This High School Student Had a Hilarious 'Visit' from Tomi Lahren

By Katie Czerwinski - Jan 10 2017

Plano Senior High School senior Brynna Greenfield made the most of Snapchat’s sticker feature to make it seem like political commentator Tomi Lahren had appeared in her house.


Greenfield told Fresh U via Twitter direct message that the photo series was inspired by Tomi's reaction to the Golden Globes. She stated:

“After the Meryl Streep speech…which I personally found inspiring, Tomi Lahren made a series of tweets about how she was wrong and hypocritical,” Brynna said. “I’ve always found Tomi funny and have made jokes and stuff about her in general, especially after the Trevor Noah interview. So basically after her tirade, I made another joke like I would any other time.”

The tweet has since gone viral, prompting reactions from several Twitter users — some even claiming their own Tomi “sightings.”

“People were actually asking if the quote on the first picture was something she actually said, because she literally says things like that,” Greenfield said.

Some reactions were not as positive and criticized Greenfield’s depiction of Tomi.

“I didn’t respond to those [tweets] because honestly it wasn’t meant to be a super political tweet,” Greenfield said. “It wasn’t supposed to spark a debate.”

Lead Image Credit: Brynna Greenfield

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Katie Czerwinski - Syracuse University

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